Sabudana Waffles: This Fusion Indo-American Dish Is Droolworthy
Image Credit: Sabudana Waffles

Let’s just agree that one of the best ways to bring two cultures and countries together is food. And that happens even more when there is Indian food involved in it. Indian food is embraced and influenced by different cultures. Did you know chicken tikka masala is the national dish of the UK? Yes, you read that right. The Indian food culture has managed to find a place in almost every country, so much so that the influence of Indian food across countries is resulting in new fusion dishes that are loved by all communities. 

With home chefs and food bloggers popping up all across the world, we have seen a whole lot of fusion dishes being made by them, that go viral.  From vegan dal makhani by a German blogger to a samosa pasta rolls by an Indian one, we have seen many faces of our classic Indian delicacies. Recently, another fusion dish has caught our attention and we think you should try it too. 

An Indian based vegetarian food blogger in the US, Mansi, shares her own recipes on her Instagram profile @vspiceroute. Amid her many experiments, we saw one delicacy that was a delicious-looking one, and was a great attempt to assimilate American food culture with Indian. Can you guess what she made? She created a unique dish called sabudana waffles, a cross between the humble Indian snack sabudana vada and the classic American breakfast waffles. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Waffles are thick, fluffy and crunchy with deep pockets for holding gooey syrup or butter, and is generally a sweet breakfast staple made of butter, flour, eggs, etc. It can be topped with whipped cream, maple syrup, chocolate syrup and so on. However, this dish is savoury and tastes exactly like sabudana vada. 

Sabudana or tapioca is a processed plant starch extracted from cassava roots. This ingredient is often a popular ingredient to cook with during religious fasting periods as it is considered vrat-friendly.  

Now, this fusion dish is no different than sabudana vada, as a matter of fact, the ingredients and the method are almost the same, with the only difference being the method of cooking. Rather than frying the sabudana mixture, she cooks it in a waffle maker, giving it a firm and crispy texture. No wonder the the recipe video has over 950k views and more than 24k likes.

Looks delicious, right? The blogger had shared it during Navratri, and seems like it is a perfect dish for the festivity. Nevertheless, I’m going to try it for my next breakfast for sure. Here's what people said about her fusion Indian-American fusion dish: 

"So good and so perfect for the healthier side when it's not deep fried but no compromise on the crispy putter crust!" 

"How cool"

"Love this idea!!" 

"Omg what a idea. I definitely gone try this.! Thank you for sharing this recipe!" 

"How delicious and creative! Love that it's not deep fried" 

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