How To Make Delicious Waffles: 4 Tips And Tricks To Ace It

Out of millions of irresistible treats that exist worldwide, waffle has genuinely kept us hooked on it since it came into being. Waffle is a decadent treat prepared with leavened batter, which is thoroughly poured into a non-stick iron maker and then heated until it turns fluffy and crispy. Usually, eggs, milk, butter, and flour combine to whip a batter. Once you know how to make waffles correctly with the right ingredients and technique, there is no way you can go wrong with it. So save our tips and tricks for making perfectly delicious waffles at home. Here are some you can’t miss. 

1. Whip up a thick batter

The consistency of the batter for waffles must be thick and smooth. You can either whip up the batter using your hands or use a blender. Just make sure you add milk in the right amount to maintain a thick consistency. 

2. Use a waffle maker

The best pan for making perfect waffles is an iron waffle maker. There are many kinds of waffle makers available in the market. Buy and use a non-stick iron waffle maker. You can use a silicone waffle mould for making your waffles too. However, the results may not be entirely satisfactory in this case. Remember that even if you are using a non-stick waffle iron, grease it well with butter from all the sides before pouring the batter into it. 

3. Heat it right

Always make sure you heat your waffles right. Never heat the waffles for more than 10-15 minutes. You can check whether your waffle is ready or not by poking it with a fork in intervals while heating it. To feel the crispiness in every bite, this is one of the essential steps you must follow.  

4. Top it Up

The best part about waffles is that you can finish them using any topping. It may be either sweet or savoury. You can use maple syrup, butter, hot chocolate syrup or whipped cream for topping your waffles. Always try to make your homemade waffles as flavorful and colourful as you can. 

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