Boiling Eggs For Breakfast? 5 Quirky Ways To Eat Them
Image Credit: Deviled eggs

There’s a reason the line, “Sunday ho ya Monday roz khao ande”, strikes a chord with almost everyone. Well, for those who love eggs, it wouldn’t be that hard to follow. However, one may get bored of eating the same type of eggs every day. For instance, if you’re eating simple boiled eggs, it may get monotonous after a point.  

To shake things up a little, there are a variety of ways in which you can spruce up your boiled eggs. For boiling them, eggs are first kept in a container filled with water, then some salt is sprinkled and the eggs are allowed to boil over medium flame. After peeling the boiled eggs, you can make egg sandwiches, chaat, and more for breakfast.  

Here are a few boiled egg recipes that you ought to try at home:  

1.   Boiled Egg Sandwich  

Slice up the boiled eggs into smaller pieces and mix it with mayonnaise. Add some mustard paste for a pungent flavour. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Mix it all together and spread it on your bread slice. You can toast your bread, grill it or simply eat it like a cold sandwich. This is easy-to-make, filling and hassle-free.  

 2.   Boiled Egg Chaat  

Want to give your breakfast a chatpata kick? Time to make this heavenly breakfast chaat then. Hard-boiled eggs are sliced into small pieces and tossed with onions, tomatoes, sprouts and potatoes. For flavour, mint, coriander, and tamarind chutney are added. Add a dash of lime juice for tanginess and a sprinkle of chaat masala to finish the dish. 

3.   Deviled Eggs  

Although the name may sound spooky and creepy, the taste will make you fall in love with these eggs. What was once a starter served in royal courts of Rome to welcome the guests is a delicious breakfast recipe today. The boiled eggs are hollowed out and the yolk is scooped out. It is then mixed with mayonnaise, mustard sauce, and a few spices. This is then filled in the hollow space and garnished with coriander leaves.  

4.    Boiled Eggs And Soldiers  

This British boiled egg dish is an interesting combination of eggs and bread. A favourite among kids and adults, this dish consists of soft-boiled eggs, paired with toasted sticks of bread that were thought to resemble soldiers in uniform. This would help to avoid spillage of the runny yolk, and Britons seem to love it.  

5.   Spicy Boiled Eggs Fry  

Combining two different methods of making eggs, the first step is to boil the eggs. Then they are marinated in a spicy masala and coated with it nicely so that they can be deep-fried. Once they turn golden-brown and crusty, the boiled eggs fry can be devoured with a side of mint-coriander chutney.