Atukula Dosa: This Andhra-Style Breakfast Item Is A Must-Try
Image Credit: Atukula dosa aka Poha dosa

Households across the country are brimming with a variety of yummy and unique breakfast dishes. Did you know that every Indian state has its own specific morning meal? For instance, poha is quite popular in Maharashtra and neighbouring areas, while South India loves to have dosa for breakfast.

What if we tell you that you could combine two of the most classic breakfast dishes of India to make one? Oh yes, the Atukula Dosa makes it possible. The crispiness of a dosa combined with the softness of poha, this dosa is a breakfast staple in Andhra Pradesh. In Telugu, Atukulu refers to wet rice that is flattened.

Poha, for the unversed, is beaten rice that is commonly spruced up into a dish by mixing it with vegetables like carrots, peas, onions, potatoes and more. Tossed in curry leaves, the poha is often topped with peanuts and a dash of lime juice. In the case of dosa, which is a rice flour pancake from South India, the dish is cooked on a tawa and served with chutneys. 

For the Atukula Dosa, the dosa batter is made with poha (beaten rice), along with curd, regular basmati rice and some urad dal. The batter is churned and made smooth. It is the addition of curd that makes the dosa so soft that it stays the same way for hours after being made. This poha dosa is a porous and spongy kind of pancake that is usually white in colour and accompanied with the classic coconut chutney and a peanut variety.

Atukula Dosa gives you the best of both worlds so that you don’t have to choose between a poha and a dosa again. While this style of dosa is popular across Andhra Pradesh, there are many other varieties found in other parts of South India. Take Neer Dosa, for instance, in which ‘neer’ refers to water. Another interesting style of dosa is the Set Dosa, where three small round dosas are served together in a set.