Start Your Morning On A High-Protein Note With This Chicken Dosa
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What is it that can make our Monday mornings better, and can even spruce up a weekend lunch? We think it has to be a comforting South Indian meal. And speaking of South Indian cuisine, we just cannot forget how a crispy, generously stuffed, and flavourful dosa can sort everything. There is something about the dish that has found fans not just across the country, but also around the world. 

A wholesome batter, cooked on a hot skillet and traditionally served with a portion of sambar or chutney, dosa is a versatile delicacy that comes with a variety of stuffings. While the classic dosa with the aloo filling is a hot favourite of many, its popularity has made people experiment with the stellar dish, and rather invent a host of dosa varieties that have also gone viral. Remember the Nutella dosa? Or the cheese-stuffed one? You may find a plethora of foods to stuff into the South Indian crepe. But have you tried making it all the healthier and richer?  

Dosa is traditionally made with a fermented runny batter made with a mix of lentils and light spices. The batter is spread out evenly on a hot griddle along with a splutter of oil on both the sides and cooked till a wafer-thin, crispy dosa is formed. Now, the traditional stuffed dosa comes with a spicy aloo filling, one can experiment to his/her heart’s content. Wish to make it a bit high in protein? You can even make a chicken dosa. All you have to do is make a yummy chicken stuffing. Confused about the process? Fret not, we've got a mouth-watering chicken dosa recipe here, which is sure to impress every chicken lover.  

This chicken dosa is not just protein-rich but is also supremely delicious. In fact, there is already a traditional non-vegetarian dosa by the name of Madurai Kari Dosa, which many south Indians relish. However, the difference is that the traditional one uses mutton keema, the one we have uses chicken in it. 

How To Make Chicken Dosa 

To make the chicken dosa for lunch or dinner, all you need is a ready-made dosa batter, some pressure-cooked minced chicken, coated well with spices such as curry leaves, ginger-garlic paste, pepper, and red chilli powder, besides eggs and a hot griddle. Spread the batter over the griddle, add the prepared chicken mix over it, cook it until it is crispy. Your yummy high-protein dosa is ready to be noshed on.  

While the chicken dosa is a yummy meal to have as is, you can serve it with some tomato-onion chutney on the side. Try this yummy, high-protein chicken dosa at home let us know your experience.