Anushka Sharma Enjoys A Traditional South Indian Meal
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Anushka Sharma’s love for food is amply evident through her Instagram stories. From sharing snaps of decadent cakes to photos of exotic salad bowls, the actress enjoys indulging in yummy bites. A favourite meal of Anushka’s includes - a traditional South Indian meal. Anushka has posted many photos enjoying this particular cuisine, in the past. Now, she is back again with yet another post of what looks like a traditional sadya meal. On Anushka’s Instagram story, we saw a picture of a sumptuous meal spread over a banana leaf, featuring a couple of rice dishes, accompanied by a range of curries. The meal which was primarily a vegetarian one, consisted of various curries including Avial (popular and traditional mix vegetable dish made with fresh coconut, curry leaves, vegetables and coconut oil), along with two other curries, and some mixed raita. We could also spot some fritters kept on the banana leaf. The meal also had various colourful chutneys and a portion of pickle on the side. Anushka captioned the Instagram story, "Finger-licking delicious vegetarian meal."  

The South Indian cuisine has many delicious dishes ranging in spice and flavour. From savoury non vegetarian curries like the Chicken Chettinad, to wholesome vegetarian gravies like Vegetable Korma, here are some very popular recipes from the southern part of India that are an absolute must-try. (Read: 4 South Indian Deep-Fried Snacks That You Must Try).

1) Meen Kulambu / fish curry with coconut

This fish curry has a delicious coconut based gravy that has pieces of seasonal fish tossed in it. The recipe is made using only a handful of ingredients and the dish cooks in under 25 minutes. Meen Kulambu is a curry that has many health benefits. It is a sumptuous curry to devour alongside a plate of rice or Kerala Parota. Rich with omega-3, this dish is nutritious and easy on the stomach when it comes to being digested. 

2) Gongura Mamsam

This Andhra style mutton curry is a flavour burst in the mouth. Gongura (Sorrel leaves) is a leafy vegetable used widely in Andhra cuisine and has a slight sour taste. The Gongura Mamsam is a must-try spicy mutton curry, which pairs well with the parotta, rice, biryani and pulao. For a traditional touch, relish the Gongura Mamsam curry with rice, spread out on a banana leaf. 

3) Bisi Bele Bath

The Bisi Bele Bath is a delicious, savoury and tangy vegetarian meal made with lentils, rice, mixed vegetables and a super aromatic spice powder known as bisi bele bath powder. This nutritious meal is full of plant-based protein, fresh vegetables and South Indian flavors, making for a hearty and wholesome meal that can be relished for lunch or supper along with your family.