When Anushka Sharma Cooked Tomato Jam From Scratch And Captured It All In This Soothing Video
Image Credit: Instagram @anushkasharma

Remember two years ago when the coronavirus pandemic had just hit the nation. Even before we could grapple with the situation, the cases doubled and tripled over a matter of days. While homebound, many of us took penchant for various activities like painting, singing and cooking. Several food trends like Dalgona coffee, Focaccia art and Banana bread broke the internet. Many of our favourite Bollywood actors also got ample time to unleash the chef within and we weren’t complaining. It was quite a fresh change to view our favourite stars doling out a delish dish, one after another.  

Inspired by “one too many food blogs’ actress Anushka Sharma also decided to try her hands at making jam at home. In one of her “throwback” videos posted by her on Saturday, Sharma can be seen plucking fresh tomatoes from her garden and walking to her kitchen to make jam from scratch. Anushka also wrote in the caption that she “decided to shoot this jam making video and thought Coronavirus will be gone by 2021”. Touche.  

In the video, she first washes the tomatoes and then makes two small cuts at the base of the tomatoes. Further, she puts the tomatoes to blanch. Once blanched the tomatoes are transferred to a bowl containing icy cold water. This helps tomatoes retain their lovely red hue in preparations. Post this, she proceeds to peel the tomatoes and chop them roughly. The chopped tomatoes are then transferred in a pan where they are cooked with a hint of sugar, salt, paprika, until it obtains a thick jam-like consistency. Once the jam is ready and cool, Sharma spreads it across a few breads and offers it to her parents, who seem to enjoy the jam a lot. And to be honest, it does look rather drool-worthy. Watch the video here. 

Anushka Sharma who turned vegan a few years ago, has been rather vocal about the impact it has had on her and her lifestyle. She often takes to Instagram to share her love for food whether homemade and gourmet. Remember the time, she posted a cute picture of her and husband Virat ‘sneaking in a quick breakfast’ before Virat could hit the field.  

This particular video shows that the actor can cook up quite a storm herself. We wonder how many more secret recipes you have in your stash Anushka?