Anupam Kher Devours This Chawal Ki Roti From The Hills
Image Credit: Anupam Kher/Instagram, He loves to dig into desi food.

Memories of childhood tend to make one nostalgic and that’s what Anupam Kher’s Shimla trip is all about. The veteran actor is vacationing in the hills and revisiting all the memorable spots in the hill station. Residing at a relative’s place in Shimla, the actor was eating an interestingly shaped roti and it looked delicious.

Anupam has been sharing glimpses of his Shimla trip on his Instagram stories all this while. One thing that has been constant throughout them is food. Recently, he was at the dining table with a few members of his family and everyone was waiting for their roti to arrive when Anupam was served a crispy roti on his plate. While the shape looked like the map of India, as exclaimed by the actor, it was actually chawal ke atte ki roti aka rice flour flatbread.

Rice and wheat are two very commonly eaten grains in India. Whole wheat is popular in many northern parts of the country, rice is a staple grain as one moves towards the south. What is interesting to note is that across India, rice is not used as it is but also in the form of a flour. This rice flour roti is a result of just that. Made with finely ground grains of rice, there are many types of rice flour rotis that are prepared in our country.

Rice Roti

One such kind is the one made in hilly terrains that was devoured by Anupam. The crispy roti was extremely thin and had holes in it too. This light and crunchy bread is a perfect accompaniment for curries and other vegetables. The 67-year-old actor mocks the shape of the roti and asks the lady in front of him “Yeh kya chawal ke atte ki roti banayi hai? (what kind of rice flour roti have you made)”.

Not just in the hills, even in places like Maharashtra, there is a popular rice roti, called bhakri, that is prepared and usually served with seafood like prawn curry. Another similar roti is akki roti that is popular in Karnataka and commonly eaten for breakfast.