Viral: Anupam Kher’s Kashmiri Feast Is Making Us Drool
Image Credit: Image: Instagram Anupam Kher

Don’t we love it when some of our favourite celebrities share the same amount of love for food as we do? And our Bollywood celebrities are just the same. Anupam Kher, one of the few Indian actors who have managed to have a successful career both in Bollywood and Hollywood, is an absolute foodie like us. And we’ve got proof! The actor mostly leads a hectic life shuffling between different sets and shoots, while also giving his 5.2 million followers a glimpse of his life. 

And so rarely does he get the chance to enjoy home-cooked food, despite being a foodie at heart. But when he does get some home-cooked food to relish, the 67-year-old actor does so by heart! 

Recently one such rare occasion came by when Anupam took a break from his work and relaxed with his family, where he chose to indulge in a wholesome meal. He shared a glimpse of what his home-cooked meal looked like, and to say that the spread looked oh-so-delicious, will be an understatement!  

Prepared by his sister-in-law, the actor looked super excited to gorge on the Kashmiri delicacies, as his brother, actor Raju Kher, recorded the moment in a video, which Anupam shared on his Instagram handle. For the unversed, Anupam is from Kashmir and most of the everyday meals in the actor’s home tend to comprise popular dishes from the Valley. Take a look at the video he shared with his fans and followers:

In the video, we see an extremely elated and visibly emotional Anupam introducing us to all the delicious dishes he was about to savour. The lavish spread had six delectable-looking dishes that were a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries – dum aloo, paneer, palak, rogan josh, mats (Kashmiri mutton kofta) and steamed rice. Aren’t you slurping too right now? If yes, fret not as we have got the recipes for some of the amazing Kashmiri delicacies that Anupam savoured below:   

1. Kashmiri Dum Aloo

2. Mutton Rogan Josh

3. Shami Mutsch

The actor loves to eat and has expressed his love for Kashmiri food many times before as well. But that doesn’t mean he does not love to relish other cuisines. Recently, Boman Irani had treated him to a decadent Parsi meal and Anupam had enjoyed the spread thoroughly.  

What did you think of Anupam’s love for Kashmiri food? Let us know your thoughts.