Amaranth Breakfast Recipes That Unfold A Healthy Magic
Image Credit: Amaranth Porridge

If you’re trying to eat healthy and skip the junk, the best way is to include organic and filling alternatives in your diet. It is also essential to begin this practice from the start of the day as it sets the tone for the rest of the day. While there are many options in terms of millets like ragi, jowar and bajra, amaranth is one such grain that is considered supreme. 

Loaded in a bowl of breakfast porridge or dunked in a masala upma, amaranth can be included in one’s breakfast in various ways. Also known as African spinach, bush greens and more, this nutritious grain is used for its leaves too. The leaves are paired with other vegetables and made into a sabzi like aloo amaranth. If you’re planning to add this healthy grain to your breakfast anytime soon, here are a few recipes that you ought to try. 

1.  Amaranth Pancakes 

These light and fluffy breakfast treats are usually made with a thick pancake batter. The batter is made with maida in most cases but this one is a gluten-free healthy delight which is made with amaranth. A combination of rice flour, sorghum flour and amaranth adds up the nutritional value of the meal. Pour some almond milk and cinnamon for an aromatic flavour. 

2.   Amaranth Porridge 

This is a gluten-free and vegan breakfast option that is light on the stomach and super healthy. The grain forms the base of the porridge, to which almond milk is added. Mixed with cinnamon and maple syrup, the sweetness and aroma of the porridge is enhanced. Finally, add some chopped apples on top of the bowl for some crunch and relish the delights. 

3.  Amaranth Paratha 

How can you have breakfast and skip parathas? This one is not only good for regular days but suitable for vrat too. All you need is some amaranth flour, boiled potatoes, coriander leaves and spices. Mix it all together and roll into round parathas. Toss on a tawa and pair with a bowl of curd. 

4.  Amaranth Upma 

The amaranth is roasted and tempered with a host of spices. Mix it with cumin seeds, mustard seeds, curry leaves and asafoetida. Add chopped onions, capsicum and coriander leaves. Mix the amaranth with these vegetables and dig into the masala upma. Sprinkle some peanuts and sev from additional crunch on top of it. 

5.  Amaranth Leaves Bhurji 

This is an Uttarakhand specialty that can be eaten for breakfast or lunch. A wholesome sabzi, made with amaranth leaves and mixed with diced potatoes, is the perfect accompaniment for roti. This is nutritious vegetable wherein the leaves are blanched and mashed like methi and dunked with potatoes. You can even mash this and stuff into the paratha dough and make a delicious flatbread.