The season of festivals is here again, and so is the season of fasting. From Sawan Somwar to Teej, and Janmashtami, many Hindus are fasting and would be fasting for a couple of occasions to show their obeisance to God, as well as give their body a break. During season change, it is advised to eat light, clean food, and the vrat is the best way to go about it they say.

Whatever may be the case, if you are fasting this time and have a tough time deciding on the dishes, we are here to help. Ragi, which is also called Nachni in other parts of the country, is a millet, making it among the permissible ingredients of the fasting season.  Ragi has gained enough traction in the world of health too, for its high fibre and decent protein value. It is a good thing that the millet is so versatile as well. Don’t believe us? Have a look at these recipes we curated just for you and your fasting requirement.

1. Ragi Mudde

Dense finger millet balls made of Ragi, ghee, salt and water. It is advisable to use sendha namak instead of regular salt to make this popular breakfast item. 

2. Ragi Peanut Ladoo

During fasting season, there is no cap on sugar or jaggery. Some people prefer using a pinch to maintain their energy levels. Speaking of which, these ladoos are nothing short of energy balls. They are wholesome, quick and easy to prepare. While Ragi serves as a perfect, subtle base, peanuts offer a nice crunch. 

3. Ragi Banana Dosa

As we said, it is never a bad idea to add energy-boosting foods to your fasting meal plan. When you are making your dosa, add the goodness of both Ragi and bananas. These dosas are not savoury; instead, they have a mild, sweet and subtle flavour that is sure to liven up your morning. 

4. Ragi Halwa

This easy, peasy halwa can turn your day around with its wholesomeness. Halwas are an intrinsic part of Knajak and Bhog offered to the deity, and this fasting season give the classic dish a twist with Ragi. 

5. Ragi Idiyappam

Idiyappam are popular string hoppers from South India, often made with a rice batter, but since rice is out of bounds during fasting, how about recreating the same with Ragi. It is earthy, dense, and so delicious. Try it now.