Alia Bhatt Pairs Her Favourite Milk Cake With Perfect Love Song
Image Credit: Instagram/Alia Bhatt

Everyone knows that Alia Bhatt is quite the foodie and loves to indulge in the sweetest treats while on vacation. The actress, who is vacationing with husband Ranbir Kapoor and daughter Raha Kapoor, proved her eternal love for all things sweet—and especially milk cake—in a recent post on Instagram. In fact, her post on social media proves that not only is Alia Bhatt a true milk cake afficionado, but also equates food with true love like the rest of us. 

Alia Bhatt shared an Instagram story with the picture of a delectable slice of milk cake. The pristine white milk cake Alia Bhatt so enjoyed was adorned with a strawberry and a blueberry, and you can easily make out the sweet milk oozing out of the cake too. But that’s not all. Alia Bhatt also expressed her true feelings about the milk cake by pairing the picture of the cake with an appropriate song.  

The song Alia Bhatt paired her milk cake picture with is Tum Kya Mile from her upcoming film, Rocky Aur Ranu Kii Prem Kahaani. The song’s lyrics highlight how life-changing the coming of certain things and people in life can be, and we feel those words truly represent Alia Bhatt’s sentiments for milk cake—and she says so herself. “Very appropriate lyrics for my feelings currently,” Alia Bhatt wrote in the post. 

This is not the first time Alia Bhatt has enjoyed this scrumptious slice of milk cake. While on a trip to Doha, Qatar, last year, Alia Bhatt was seen posing with the exact same slice of milk cake studded with a strawberry and blueberry—making us believe that that is where the Heart Of Stone actress is vacationing with her family right now while indulging in some milk cake love as well.