Alia Bhatt Savours Pizza Delight After Gucci's Fashion Show
Image Credit: Instagram/Unsplash

Indian celebrities have been carving their niche not only in the domestic film industry but also on the global stage, leaving an indelible mark. From the enchanting Cannes debuts of Anushka Sharma and Sara Ali Khan to the awe-inspiring presence of Priyanka Chopra at the prestigious Met Gala, these luminaries have captivated global attention.

Adding to this resplendent lineup, Alia Bhatt, who has been named the global brand ambassador for Gucci recently, graced the launch of Gucci's much-anticipated Cruise collection for 2024. Taking to Instagram, Alia wrote in a post, "I'm honoured to represent the house of Gucci not only in India but on a global stage. Gucci's legacy has always inspired and intrigued me, and I'm looking forward to the many sartorial milestones we create together." 

While her impeccable attire undoubtedly dazzled onlookers, it was the delightful culinary choice she made post-show that truly captured our attention. Can you guess what it was? A delectable box of pizza became the star of the moment. She shared a carousel of pictures from the event with celebrities and Gucci dignitaries from across the world. However, it was the final snapshot that truly piqued our interest, showcasing Alia Bhatt wholeheartedly relishing a huge slice of pizza.

Captured in the back seat of a car, her joyful expression and evident satisfaction painted a picture of pure gustatory bliss. It was evident that she savoured every last bite of her Italian delight, leaving no trace of doubt regarding her sheer enjoyment. Take a look:

Alia is undeniably a passionate food enthusiast who has often given us glimpses into her culinary adventures. While she unabashedly indulges in guilty pleasures from time to time, she is also committed to maintaining a balanced diet.

A while ago, we stumbled upon one of her favourite recipes—a refreshing salad that perfectly embodies the essence of summer. This delightful beetroot salad has a vibrant veggie infused with an intriguing tadka, elevating its flavours to new heights.

Alia's salad showcases her penchant for incorporating innovative twists into her meals, offering a tantalising combination of wholesome ingredients and culinary creativity. Read more about it here. What are your thoughts on Alia’s indulgence after the Gucci event? Let us know.