Happy 30th Birthday, Alia Bhatt: A Look at Her Favourite Foods
Image Credit: Alia Bhatt's birthday falls on March 15 every year.

As Alia celebrates her birthday, we can only wonder what delicious treats she has planned for her special day. During her pregnancy, she had a particular craving for Chinese food and even shared plates of chaat and pani puri with her sister, Shaheen Bhatt. As she rings in her 30th year, we have compiled her favourite foods.

1.  Beetroot Salad

Being the healthy foodie that she is, Alia swears by this yummy beetroot salad. Full of antioxidants, the actor loves this crunchy salad that helps reduce blood pressure. It is also a good way to improve digestion. In fact, she enjoys strawberries as well as beets. She even posted a picture of herself with a bowl of strawberries that Malaika Arora posted on her story to wish her a happy birthday this year.

2.  Dal Chawal

Dal chawal, which translates to rice and lentils, is Alia's ultimate comfort food. As mentioned earlier, she loves anything that is home-cooked and often indulges in khichdi and aloo parathas. However, she balances her carb intake by skipping a meal after a high-carb dish.

3.  Alia Is A Potato Lover

She enjoys having potatoes in any form. Since aloo, aka potatoes, is such a versatile vegetable, she even ended up wishing her father, Mahesh Bhatt, a day full of aloo on his birthday.

4.  Coffee

A cup of coffee is believed to bring an instant smile to Alia’s face. It is her go-to pick-me-up. Whether she's at home or travelling, she needs her daily dose of caffeine.

5.  Ice Cream

The actor was spotted indulging in chocolate gelato ice cream cones with her sister, Shaheen, and it surely made us feel like getting one of our own.

6.  French Fries

Since fries are made with potatoes, they are a must-have for Alia. When in Doha, we saw her indulging in a desi-videshi combination of French fries and poha.

Alia's love for food was evident in the 2022 recap reel that she shared at the beginning of this year. Despite her commitment to a healthy diet, she never forgets to indulge in her favourite foods.