After Goa, Sachin Tendulkar Enjoys His Breakfast In Jaipur
Image Credit: Sachin Tendulkar/Instagram, The cricketer is a hard-core foodie.

Regarded as the ‘god of cricket’, Sachin Tendulkar is known for his batting skills and an illustrious career in sports. Another reason for his continued fame and fandom is his love for food. A self-confessed foodie, Sachin surely knows how to hit the wickets on and off the field. His food choices are not out of the ordinary, yet they fascinate his fans and followers.

Currently, the cricketer is in Rajasthan’s ‘pink city’, Jaipur, and he is making the most of his time there. One thing that we definitely knew was that he would give us a sneak peek into his indulgences there. That’s when he posted a reel on his Instagram handle, showing us the traditional Rajasthani breakfast thali on his table. “When in Jaipur, enjoy your breakfast like Jaipurites” is what Sachin is heard saying in the beginning of the video.

Next, he gives us a closer look at his breakfast plate and asks the viewers, “Mere plate mein dekho kya kya hai and saath mein malai maar ke lassi bhi”. On the plate, we can spot lots of samosas and kachoris in the centre. To accompany these deep-fried delights, we can also see red and green chutney kept in two bowls, along with two to three types of curries. One of them is a potato curry, we’re assuming, that can be eaten with kachori.

Source: Screengrab of Instagram reel/Sachin Tendulkar

The breakfast looks fabulous and Sachin is also quite elated after taking a sip of the lassi. Giving us a long view of the surroundings and the melodious voice of peacock in the background, the camera pans back to Sachin and he’s busy churning his lassi in the glass. However, this isn’t the first instance of the cricketer enjoying local breakfast in a city. Earlier, he was in Goa and decided to dine at a local eatery, serving authentic regional breakfast, consisting of batata bhaji with poori, black-eyed peas curry and buns.