Is Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar An Egg-Cellent Cook Too?
Image Credit: Sachin Tendulkar/Instagram, He cooked eggs recently.

It might have been almost a decade since the former Indian cricket captain retired but Sachin Tendulkar’s glorious feats in the sport are still remembered. However, it isn’t just cricket that he has mastered. The ace cricketer has also managed to rock it in the kitchen. His recent attempt at making eggs is proof. 

Sachin may not be very active on social media but every time he shares something on his feed, it becomes sensational. The cricketer is also a foodie who likes to eat as well as cook. Recently, he took to his Instagram to share a video of himself at the cooking station and we’re amazed. The 49-year-old sportsman was making eggs in a pan on an induction. 

Sachin was wearing his jersey and knee pads so it seems like he came straight out of practice or a match. The chefs surrounded him and guided him but he knew how it was to be done. He spread the eggs on the pan and let it cook for a few minutes. Later, he ended up flipping the eggs in the air and back onto the pan like a pro. Everyone cheered him at his amazing flips and were quite surprised to see the cricket legend cooking so well. He captioned it saying, "Flicks ho ya flips, eggs-ample humesha perfect hona chahiye #foodie". 

Another time when Sachin was spotted in the kitchen was when he was making something at home. He posted a video on his YouTube channel and made everyone guess what he was cooking without revealing the dish. There were loads of vegetables involved and he chopped each one of them himself. Later, we found that he was making a delicious omlette. 

On father’s day, his son, Arjun Tendulkar treated him to some creamy scrambled eggs and he enjoyed them so much. Looks like the cricketer may have retired from the sport but still needs his dose of protein on a daily basis.