Sachin Tendulkar Skips Seafood, Enjoys Local Breakfast In Goa
Image Credit: Sachin Tendulkar/Instagram, The Master Blaster enjoys authentic breakfast at this local eatery.

For many people, Sachin Tendulkar is the ‘god of cricket’, thanks to his illustrious career as a batsman and more. However, it is only those who follow him closely know that there’s a hidden foodie in this ace cricketer. While fans may often imagine him being in his full form on the field, we know that he is too happy to be at the dining table too.

Currently in Goa, the cricket legend was seen enjoying breakfast at a local eatery there. He took to his Instagram handle to share a quick review of the food that he’s having and we were left drooling. Sachin starts the video by introducing us to this small, cutesy place, called Café Tato. He then goes on to tell the viewers a little history behind the place, and how their chain of restaurants started in 1913. Then, he highlights how people usually come to Goa to enjoy seafood like fish and prawns, but he decided to visit a local Goan eatery instead, to savour the authentic breakfast of the region.

He shows us all the delicious food kept in front of him. This includes alsande, a Goan-style black-eyed peas curry served with a side of pav. The ‘Master Blaster’ also mentions that the dish is similar to chawli in Maharashtra. Next, he shows us batata bhaji with puri, which he described as “delicious”. Finally, we are shown a huge, puffed Indian bread that looks like poori but is not one.

The 49-year-old cricketer informs the viewers that the deep-fried bread is called bun in Goa. It is made of bananas, has a mildly sweet taste and is heavenly. He ends the video by saying that he’s having a great time enjoying local breakfast in Goa. He captions the video as, “An eatery I found in Goa that will make you drool!”. Honestly, our mouths have already begun to water, looking at all the delicious food he was enjoying in the state.