Local Drinks From Goa You Must Try
Image Credit: urak/ Instagram- glimpses.of.goa

India's Goa is a highly well-liked travel location. Goa, which is situated on India's southwest coast, is a location that should be on every traveller's bucket list because it combines an old Portuguese colony, sandy beaches, woods, historical sites, and delicious cuisine. There are two types of Goan cuisine: Goan Catholic cuisine and Goan Hindu cuisine. Both have tastes, personalities, and cooking styles that are distinctly their own. In addition to food, one of the defining characteristics of Goan villages is their wine and bar cultures, where a neighbourhood bar acts as a gathering place for locals to unwind and socialise.

Here are the 7 local Goan drinks that are worth having-


The two most well-known forms of Feni, the most consumed alcoholic beverage made in Goa, are cashew and toddy palm. Coconut or cashew sap is fermented and distilled to proof of about 30%. It smells strong and leaves a definite taste in the mouth.


A purple berry called kokum aids in preventing infections, treating wounds, curing ear infections, healing stomach ulcers, enhancing digestion, reducing pain from arthritis, and relieving diarrhoea and constipation. In Goa, it is a highly well-liked beverage that is typically served with a dash of salt and sugar.


The less well-known relative of Feni, Urak is brewed from ripe cashew apples. It is distilled from March to May, which are the warmest months. It is consumed by Goans all summer long and is discontinued the first raindrop in June.

Sol Kadi is a common beverage in the coastal regions of Goa and Maharashtra. It is typically taken with rice and is occasionally sipped after meals. It is noted for its digestive, reviving, cleaning, and cooling effects and is produced from coconut milk and kokum.

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Armada, one of Goa's first spiced liqueurs, is created using a family recipe from the colonial era and includes Brazilian sugar, Asian spices, and Portuguese fruit. It is now marketed as "Licor Armada." It is free of additional flavours and preservatives and is created in small batches with natural ingredients and spices.

King's beer

This beer is unique to Goa and has no aftertaste or smokey malt fragrance. It is made with maize and is wonderful when combined with real seafood. With 4.85% alcohol, it comes in 330ml bottles.

Port wine

It is also referred to as "Vinho do Porto," and it was introduced to India by the Portuguese in the 16th century. This wine, which was the first to be created in India, is typically served as a dessert wine because of its sweet flavour.