4 Ideas To Add Fibre Rich Foods In Your Meals
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Health experts always recommend consuming fibre in the diet, as it helps you fight and prevent many health conditions. For example, eating fibre rich foods helps you control weight, high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. Including high-fibre foods in the diet has many other benefits as well. Let us tell you why you should include fibre-rich foods in your diet. 

To maintain a healthy weight

You must have often heard that people trying to lose weight are advised to have a high-fibre diet. Do you know why? Because it not only maintains your weight but also helps you lose it. Fibre makes you feel fuller and satiated for a more extended period, preventing you from hunger pangs and or cravings. Fibre-rich foods with fewer calories are the best way to maintain your healthy weight. 

Beneficial for diabetes patients

A high-fibre diet is recommended for diabetes patients since it helps manage or control their blood sugar levels. Do you know that soluble fibre can slow down the absorption of sugar in your body? Therefore, people with diabetes can consume foods that are rich in fibre.  

Controls cholesterol level

Do you know that fibre helps to control your cholesterol level? Yes, it also helps reduce your risk of heart diseases as fibre helps fight bad cholesterol. Poor cholesterol can increase the risk of heart diseases. This is why fibre-rich diets help promote your heart health as well. 

Good for digestion

A fibrous diet helps to keep your digestion better by preventing constipation. According to some studies, a high-fibre diet reduces the risk of colorectal cancer and helps to improve gut health. Did you know that a high-fibre diet supports a healthy intestine too? 

Foods rich in fibre

Source of fibre - Fibre foods include: 

  1. Whole grains
  2. Chickpeas
  3. Bananas
  4. Broccoli 
  5. Carrots 
  6. Berries 
  7. Apples 
  8. Beans 
  9. Lentils 
  10. Pears 
  11. Peas 
  12. Oats 
  13. Quinoa 
  14. Chia seeds, etc.