7 Spicy Indian Dishes That Will Blow Your Mind
Image Credit: Freepik

No doubt that Indian food is famous for its use of spices, but how much spice is too much spice? Well, if you too are stuck at the same point, let us tell you that there are some Indian dishes that will challenge your spice tolerance for sure. Why? Because these insanely hot and spicy dishes are prepared with an assortment of masalas that are enough to leave the ‘spicy food lovers’ questioning their threshold. Are you a spicy food lover too? If so, here are seven of India’s spicy dishes that are enough to blow your mind.

1. Phaal Curry

It won’t be a good thing to start this list with anything other than phaal curry. Why? Well, it is made with bhut jolokia and is considered the hottest curry in the world. The chicken-based dish is made with a tomato base that is spiced with fennel seeds, bhut jolokia and some other typical Indian spices.

2. Pork Vindaloo

Made with dry roasted red chillies, cumin, cloves, black pepper and some other spices, Pork Vindaloo is one of Goa’s most popular dishes. The curry has its roots in the Portuguese culinary culture and is enough to take you on a fiery ride for sure.

3. Chicken 65

One of the most relished and enjoyed chicken appetisers, Chicken 65 is South India’s precious culinary gem. Many believe that the dish has got its name from the sixty-five chilli peppers that go into its making. And can you doubt its spiciness even after mentioning this?

4. Kolhapuri Chicken

Among all the things that Kolhapur is famous for, Tambada Rassa or Kolhapuri Chicken is a must-try. The dish is made by marinating chicken pieces with red dried chillies, cloves and garlic paste and is a delicious dish to have for a spicy and wholesome meal.

5. Rista

If you want to take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride, Rista is the dish you need to try. A dish comprising tender and succulent meatballs along with a spicy gravy made with red chilli powder and some other spices. An integral part of the Kashmiri Wazwan, Rista is a wholesome dish perfect to be savoured with rice or any flatbread.

6. Kozhi Curry

South Indian cuisine is blessed with spices that are all things hot and delicious. And South Indians surely know how to make the most of these spices and Kozhi Curry is the proof. Made with an assortment of spices, this curry is an integral part of the culinary traditions of the Syrian Catholic community of Kerala.

7. Andhra Chilli Chicken

If you are craving a dish that has chilli packed to its core, it is Andhra Chilli Chicken. Packed with rich spices to compliment the tender and succulent chicken, this chilli chicken is surely one of the must-try dishes for spice fanatics.