7 Rajasthani Breakfast Delicacies You Must Try
Image Credit: Kadhi kachori is a staple Rajasthani breakfast dish- Instagram - @alachaat

Every Indian state has its own way to start their day. The diverse country that India is, it is also reflected in the current food that the people here have. Every state has their own significant breakfast menu and the same goes for Rajasthan. The food from the state is different from the rest of the country and there are a lot of exclusive breakfast dishes that people from Rajasthan eat. Let us look at 7 such delicacies that are too tasty to skip.

Kadhi Kachori

The most famous and staple breakfast item of Rajasthan, crispy flaky Kachoris with hot besan ki kadhi is a combination made in food heaven. It is both delicious and filling and is enjoyed by the locals a lot. if you are visiting the state for the first time, there are high chances that this is the first dish that you will have early in the morning.

Methi ki puri

While methi tastes amazing in all the dishes that we make it with Rajasthanis just know how to use it the right way. Best paired with a homemade pickle, these hot puris made with methi are the best tiffin and breakfast dish.

Kalmi vada 

Made with chana dal, kalmi vada is a deiciously spicy Best to start your day with. Although we all associate vada with the southern part of India, this particular variety is native to Rajasthan. These deep fried vadas golden in color and crispy texture are not best enjoyed with hari chutney.

Bedmi puri

Another very famous Rajasthani dish, bedmi puri is not only Popular in this state but the entire of north India. It has a feeling of black gram and it is made-up of maida along with a lot of spices. while you can enjoy the poori in itself, it tastes great with aloo ki sabzi.

Michi vada

India has a lot of varieties of fritters that we eat in different parts of the country. This particular variety is made with long green chillies, de-seeded and then covered with besan ka batter and deep-fried. It is not exceedingly spicy but just enough to kick start your day.

Besan ka cheela

While this dish is equally popular in many parts of the country, it is a staple breakfast option in Rajasthan. It is like a pancake made with gram flour. The dish is very adaptable and you can mix any vegetable and spices of your choice and customize it according to your own taste.

Bajre ki roti

If you visit Rajasthan and you do not eat bajre Ki roti, then your trip is not complete. The most famous flatbread to originate from the state, bajre ki roti is eaten in every single meal due to its versatile nature. Pairing the roti with lehsun ki chutney, green chillies and onions is the most authentic Rajasthani breakfast you can have.