7 Best North Indian Breads You Must Try

North Indian cuisine is one of the most popular around the world. From its rich and robust curries to spicy snacks or decadent desserts, north Indian food has garnered a love for all this and much more. But the flatbreads of the cuisine have rarely found their place in the discussions, even though the bread makes the experience of the whole meal a mouth-watering one! Be it the roomali roti, naan or kulchas, we are never getting over any of it! If you are unaware of the many types of north Indian breads, we have the best ones listed right here.

1. Amritsari Kulcha

A delightful treat from Punjab, Amritsari kulcha served with chole is the ideal breakfast! While this kulcha might look like a naan, it is stuffed with a mouth-watering aloo mixture and topped with oodles of butter!

2. Khoba Roti

Straight from the land of deserts, Rajasthan, Khobar Roti is nothing like your regular Tawa roti. ‘Khoba’ literally translates to cavity or indentations lowered with pressure in Marwari. The thick roti is made with wheat flour and dollops of ghee, various cavities manually made using one's thumb.

3. Laccha Paratha

Layered, flaky and an absolute delight, laccha paratha is a Dhaba-staple unique bread that can be paired with every greasy curry you want. It has a unique way of making a dough where many layers are formed over a paratha. 

4. Puri

Perhaps one of the most loved Indian bread across the country, deep-fried little puris made of wheat flour and cooked until golden brown makes the perfect accompaniment to everything from aloo curry to curd and even sooji halwa!

5. Bhatura

Imagine a bowl full of chole sans bhatura, unimaginable, no? Soft, puffy, and deep-fried, bhaturas are a hot favourite across Delhi, Punjab and surrounding cities and is popularly served with the preparation of chickpeas tossed with flavorful spices.  

6. Baqarkhani

Many people might not know of it and confuse it with sheermal, but baqarkhani from the streets of old Delhi is nothing like the traditional Indian flatbreads. Slightly sweet, poked, thick and isn’t too soft in texture. It goes perfectly well with all your non-vegetarian curries, including mutton koftas, chicken curry or nihari!

7. Roomali Roti

Quite the opposite of baqarkhani is rumali roti which is light and soft like a ‘rumaal’ (tissue), made with a mix of whole wheat and refined flour and cooked over a griddle until translucent! Pair with your favourite chicken curry.

Try these yummy north Indian flatbreads and share your experience with us!