Most of us have that one local Chinese van or eatery from where we order a bit too often. The other day, when I was making the owner of one such van note down my address, he stopped me midway and completed it for me. Indeed, I was ordering in very frequently, and more often than not, I was also struggling with copious amounts of leftovers. The thing with noodles is that you never want to run short of it, so you tend to order extra or boil heaps and heaps of it when cooking at home. They are also too delicious (and expensive) to be tossed out; so what do you do? Simple. You put your thinking cap on and be a little creative. There are umpteen ways to use leftover noodles. Be it spicy Singaporean noodles, the simple veg chow mein, or just a bunch of boiled noodles, all of these can be repurposed and reimagined as something super delicious. Some ideas you should try.

1. Noodle Salad

If you have some boiled noodles lying around, you can give it a healthy spin with this noodle salad. It is vegan and full of veggies, and the crunch of peanuts serves as the perfect Asian touch. 

2. Spring Rolls

No rocket science here. Get some spring roll sheets (or make it at home), throw in the noodles, roll it up and deep-fry. Your homemade noodle spring rolls are ready to devour. 

3. Hot Noodle Soup

The perfect winter treat is here. Prepare a hot soup of your choice. Make it as tangy, hot, mild as you like, dunk in some boiled noodles and watch your simple soup get an excellent Asian upgrade in a minute. 

4. Noodle Sandwich

Possibly the easiest thing you can do with noodles is slide them in between the slices of bread, throw in a slice of cheese, some sauce your choice, and fix yourself a noodle sandwich. Now that we have given you the idea, we don’t want any excuses for why you haven’t tried it yet. Seriously, no reason is convincing enough. 

4. Noodle Samosa

It is about time we acknowledge that there could be more samosa fillings that are equally as phenomenal as the standard potato filling. This noodle samosa is proof. Just roll out a pliant maida dough, cut some semi-circles, fill it with noodles, roll it like samosa, seal the edges and fry till golden—Yummy in my tummy. 

5. Noodle Patties

This can be created even with your packet of Maggi noodles. Just take some noodles and mix them with carrots, onions, peas, bell peppers. Mould them into small patties and fry crisp. Pair with hot sauce. 


So, how many of these ideas will you be trying out soon? Let us know.