Abra-Kebabra: 6 Quick Vegetarian Kebab Recipes You'd Love
Image Credit: Kebabs

Think of an Indian get-together and the first thing that comes to your mind in terms of the menu are juicy and delectable kebabs. Scrumptious kebabs served on the table for starters are a perfect way to kickstart a party. The moist and juicy kebabs paired with some spicy pudina chutney and served along with sliced onions on the side makes for an unmistakable combination. If you search for kebabs on the internet, it will tell you how these are typical meaty treats that ‘consist of cut up or ground meat’ and are served either in the form of skewers or minced patties, traditionally made in the tandoor or tawa. 

There are different kinds of kebabs that you can indulge in - galouti, kakori, tangri, Afghani, tikka masala, malai, hariyali and so on. But there are some lip-smacking vegetarian kebabs as well, because why should meat lovers have all the fun?  

A whole lot of spices go into the marinade to build on the flavour in kebabs, vegetarian or non-vegetarian. They are then cooked carefully for the right texture. And if you thought vegetarian kebabs only had to do with paneer, you can’t be more wrong. There is a whole lot of variety when it comes to vegetarian kebabs, and if you are craving some right away, we’ve got options. From green peas to dahi, corn, potato and lots more, here are our top veg kebab recipes you can try.  

1. Dahi Kebab 

Healthy, yummy and smooth, these melt in the mouth kebabs made of spiced yoghurt mixed with paneer, a host of spices and stuffed with crunchy nuts, is a delight to relish. You can serve them with spicy pudina chutney for a relishing treat. 

2. Veg Seekh Kebab 

Reap in the wholesome goodness of vegetables with these all-time favourite seekh kebabs, with the added goodness of almonds and figs. The grated cheese gives it a smooth texture.  

3. Corn Kebab 

For anyone who is picky about eating corn, these kebabs are just the perfect snack. These lip-smacking kebabs made from potato, corn, cheese and seasonings make for a crunchy and delicious snack that is a show-stealer at any dinner table. 

4. Green Peas Kebab 

To be honest, I’m personally not a fan of green peas, but these scrumptious kebabs have definitely got me drooling. Made with green peas, mashed potatoes, rice flour and a variety of spices, these kebabs can get your party in no time.  

5. Grilled Potato Kebab 

Diced potatoes marinated with a mix of curd, lemon juice, ginger paste, garlic and mustard oil, and grilled on skewers till perfectly crisp and golden. The mix of eclectic herbs and spices makes these potato kebabs an unmissable treat.  

6. Hara Bhara Kebab 

Another one complete with the goodness of multiple veggies like paneer, spinach, capsicum and more. Hara bhara kebabs are a staple in every occasion with an all-vegetarian fare. Not only are these quick, simple and delicious, but can also be experimented with many different veggies.