6 Of The Spiciest Indian Curries And How To Make Them
Image Credit: Image credit: Sushmita Sengupta

‘If an Indian says it is hot, it is hot’. Indian cuisine is known for its fiery hotness across the world. The countless variety of chillies grown in the subcontinent are more than just flavouring agents. Did you know Mathania chillies in Laal Maas were used to undercut the foul smell of meat, similarly Kashmiri Laal Mirch is revered not for its heat, but the gorgeous red colour it imparts to everything it is added to. Indian cuisine is replete with curries of all kinds, creamy, rich, light and even sweet. But there’s something about the spicy curries that is truly addictive. Even if you are tears, you will reach out for the next bite and eventually make sure that there is not a trace left on your plate. Here we pay ode to 5 of the spiciest Indian curries we adore, even though they make our brows sweat.  

1. Laal Maas

You cannot have a discussion of spicy food without a mention of Laal Maas. The mutton curry is possibly one of the hottest dishes from the ever-so rich Rajasthani cuisine. Developed by the Rajput Khansamas, Laal Maas was one of the dishes prepared for the kings while they used to be out on the hunt. Soon it found a place in the royal courts and now you can find laal maas just about anywhere in Rajasthan. The gravy is thin, but so spicy that it could give the richest of gravies a run for their money. Staying true to the name, the curry has a lovely red colour which comes from the generous use of Mathaniya chillies and other spices.

2. Mutton Phaal

This hot and peppery mutton curry is again a very popular curry in South, especially in parts of Bangalore. Phaal curry has also become a sensation abroad for its piquant, strong flavour. Tender mutton is tossed in a rich brown curry in this semi-thick preparation.

3. Paachi Pulusu

This Andhra special stew comes from the Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh which is famous for its super spicy preparations like Andhra dry mutton, and prawns. In addition to being spicy, the soup-like dish is also super tangy.  

4. Chicken Jalfrezi

Part of the word ‘Jalfrezi’ is an anglisized term for ‘Jhaal’ which means spicy in Bengali. While frezi is derived from the Bengali word ‘Phorezi’ which means anuthing that is suitable for your diet. The semi-dry gravy has chicken cooked is a spicy paste or masala made with dried red chillies, whole green chillies, cumin seeds, onion, ginger, garlic, tomato and garam masala.

5. Rista

This Kashmiri curry is a hot upgrade of your regular koftas. Spicy minced mutton balls bathed in a rich, red, fiery gravy. You are in for a treat.  

6. Chicken Chettinad

Chettinad cuisine is renowned for its use of spices. The special Chettinad masala is a fixed ratio of ground, sun-dried as well and whole spices, and it is used in generous amounts in this delectable chicken preparation. Pair it with Malabar parotta and embark on a joyride of flavours.