6 Indian States With Lip-Smacking Curries That Scream Indulgence (Recipes Inside)
Image Credit: From the curry land of India, you'll find Kerala's fish curry to Goa's vindaloo on offer.

There is no dearth of curries in India. You may have a broad classification of North Indian and South Indian curries in your head but that only reflects a relatively simplistic approach towards a matter as diverse as curries of the Indian land. Each state, each region and even district might have its own set of curries that defines the people and their flavours. For the unversed, curry is a thick gravy, which generally has an addition of another core component like a vegetable or protein like meat. The way the curry is prepared lends the vegetable or meat a distinct taste. 

Often eaten with a side of chapatti (Indian flatbread) or rice, the curry is as much part of the vegetarian fare as the non-vegetarian. There are region-specific variations, for instance, southern parts of the country extensively use coconut in their curries whereas the regions up north make a thick tomato-onion puree for a lot of curry dishes. 

Let’s take you on a trail to explore some of the best Indian curries from these six Indian states. 

1. Vindaloo From Goa 

Essentially a meat-based dish, the origins of Vindaloo can be traced back to the Portuguese settlers who brought their carne de vinha d’alhos to Goa. The meat, generally pork, is spruced up with vinegar, cardamom, chilies and garlic. The special Goan touch is the slight addition of feni to the dish. 

2. Kadhi From Gujarat

While Punjab and Rajasthan are well-known for their kadhis, which later brought about the word curry, the Gujarati kadhi has managed to carve a niche identity for itself. The sweet-flavoured kadhi is made with buttermilk, unlike the yoghurt counterparts, which a specialty of this curry. 

3. Yakhni From Kashmir 

The legacy of this popular Kashmiri curry can be traced back to the Mughal era. It was from them that the idea of cooking meat and yoghurt together was gathered. The lamb curry is yellow in colour, making it stand out from the fiery red curries. 

4.  Pork Curry From Nagaland 

The North-Eastern flavours hit different with this pork curry. The smoked aroma of pork, cooked with minimal ingredients like chilies, garlic and ginger, is totally oil-free. 

5. Meen Moilee From Kerala 

This fish curry from the coasts of Kerala is bright yellow in colour. The vibrant-looking meen (fish) curry has a thick consistency in terms of gravy since it makes use of coconut milk and oil to lend it the creaminess. Traditionally, people relish it with idiyappams or even rice. 

6. Malvan Curry From Maharashtra 

Another curry with coastal flavours, the best part is that it can be a part of the vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian fare. The use of kokum, the tangy fruit found in the region, gives the curry a pungency like no other.