6 Indian Parathas That Are Actually Brimming With Protein
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If you think Indian breakfasts are a wholesome fare, then you perhaps have parathas all over your mind. While we admit, the fare is rather wide and variegated replete with influences both local and foreign, but there is something about a paratha that makes it an instant favourite. For the unversed, paratha is a kind of a flat-bread that may or may not be stuffed, it is usually roasted on a tawa with a tinge of ghee or oil. However, in many parts of India, Parathas are also deep-fried in oil, like the Mughlai Paratha of Bengal. Speaking of more off-beat parathas, did you know about the likes of Kothu Paratha of South India and Chur Chur Paratha of North India that are beaten and crushed before they are served? Or have you heard about the ‘Ulte Tawe Ka Paratha’ that is cooked on an inverted griddle? To surmise, you can find parathas of all shapes, size and colour in this country. You can also find many healthier variants if you happen to have a keen eye. Here are some high-protein Indian parathas you can consider including in your diet.  

1. Sattu Paratha

Fast emerging as a superfood to reckon with, sattu is a flour combination, the chief ingredient of which is chickpeas. In Sattu Paratha, a special stuffing is made with sattu, chillies and various other spices, making this paratha a loaded and lovely treat to savour.

2. Chicken Keema Paratha

Drooling already. Well you should. Chicken keema is any day healthier than mutton keema, since chicken is a ‘lean’ or ‘good quality protein. When making keema or chicken mince, try and keep the oil and spices on a lower side. 


3. Ragi Paratha

Ragi also known as nachni, is a very good source of calcium, fibre and trace amounts of protein too. It has a course, earthy taste. Enjoy it with dahi, pickle or chutney of any choice. 


4. Palak Paneer Paratha

Why stick to just paneer paratha (also very rich in protein by the way), when you can have Palak Paneer paratha. Parathas brimming with goodness of palak (spinach) and paneer (cottage cheese) is a winner across all dining tables.

5. Bajra-Aloo Paratha

Bajra is another beloved millet of India just like Ragi. It is a typical Rajasthani breakfast made using boiled potatoes, bajra flour, fenugreek leaves, chaat masala, ginger-garlic paste and more.

6. Anda Paratha

Bored of the plain ol’ bread-omelette. Beat an egg, toss it on a paratha, cook on both sides on a hot tawa and you have a fresh Anda paratha before you could even properly mull on the monotony of your mornings.