5 Ultimate Summer Raita Recipes To Help You Beat The Heat
Image Credit: Image: Pixabay

With the sweltering heat rising every day, we can say that we are well into the peak of the summer season. At this time, it is important to keep ourselves constantly hydrated with light and cooling foods. According to various health experts, our body should be hydrated from within, as less water content in the body can lead to various ailments. And besides eating more and more water, there are many cooling recipes one can add to their daily diet. The summer months also bring with them many such foods that can hydrate us from within - be it juices, coolers, salads or curd-based recipes, summers give us enough reasons to enjoy our favourite recipes. 

Speaking of curd-based recipes, chaach, lassi and raita are some of the most popular summer recipes consumed in India. Curd being one of the popular summer-friendly foods, it comes loaded with protein and calcium. Being a probiotic, it also aids in digestion and other stomach-related ailments as it cools down your body amid blazing heat. 

Perhaps, that is why many of us consume it in various forms. Raita being one of the easiest and quickest curd-based dishes, finds its place in almost every Indian household every day on the lunch table. And the best part is that one can make raita with just about anything and everything. And with a host of fresh summer produce that we get in the season, we guess there’s nothing better than some refreshing experiments! So, here we bring you a list of 5 raita recipes that can be perfect accompaniments for your summer meal. Let’s get started. 

1. Cucumber Raita 

Perfect with almost anything, cucumber raita is a simple recipe that anyone can put together. Not only is it light on your tummy, it is simply tasty and refreshing too amid the hot and scorching summer afternoon. 

2. Pineapple Raita 

Tired of the traditional raita recipes? This summery raita recipe is just the one to bring you back to the game. Tangy and sweet pineapple chunks combined with whisked curd and spice powders, make a tongue-tickling raita which tastes nothing but magic. 

3. Mango Raita 

What can spell summer better than mango? And this one is combined with mint, black salt, red chilli powder and jeera powder, which spruce up the refreshing, summery raita.  

4. Lauki Pudina Raita 

Just when you thought raita cannot be moulded any more, this lauki and pudina raita swings by like a breath of fresh air on your taste buds. Thoroughly enjoyed during the summer months, this raita recipe is just what you need to impress even those who run away at the sight of lauki. Healthy, hearty, light and absolutely delicious for your summer menu. 

5. Fruit Raita 

There’s no better way to hydrate yourself in the peak summer season than loading yourself with fruits and curd, and this raita simply combines it all. With chopped fruits such as grapes, apple, pear and pomegranate, along with cubed potatoes, and spices, this fruit raita is the perfect summer dish you can add to your daily menu.