Republic Day celebrations are always special for every Indian. With the national flag hoisted across the country and the Republic Day parade in the capital keeping our patriotic spirits high, it’s no less than a grand occasion for every citizen on January 26.  A quick tour of the country will also give you a whiff of the various gastronomical delights that people serve with love, all in the theme of the tricolour.     

This Republic Day, let’s indulge in an assortment of laddoos - the nation’s favourite sweet that holds a special place in every festival or occasion.

Motichoor Laddoo

Who’s not in love with motichoor ke ladoo! Colourful and easy to prepare at home, this sweet has been an integral part of every Republic Day celebration in the country. Here’s a detailed recipe for you to follow.

Til Ke Ladoo

Missing the Makar Sankranti vibe? Why not bring it back by relishing some delicious and comforting til ke ladoo on Republic Day too. Follow this quick and easy recipe to make til ke laddoo at home.

Nariyal Ladoo

These laddoos are soft, delicious, aromatic and yes, well-loved. Pro tip: add some green and orange food colouring to the coconut mixture to set the mood for Republic Day. Your recipe is here:

Gond Ke Ladoo

As we are slowly bidding adieu to the winter season, why not indulge in the season’s specialities one last time for this year. Make some gond ke laddoo with plenty of ghee and dry fruits and savour them the first thing in the morning while watching the live Republic Day celebrations on TV. Follow the recipe below:

Besan Ke Laddoo

The star of many Indian festivals, besan ke laddoos can be made with chickpea flour and are perfect to set our mood right for the Republic Day celebrations. Here’s your recipe: