5 Kinds Of Breads You Must Try During Your Next Dilli Darshan

We all know that most of us can’t start our days until we have loaded up on a thick slice of bread along with chai or coffee. That’s how integral bread has become in our diets. However, this food habit is not new to India. Much before we got our hands on these ready-made breads, Indians were relishing their own artisanal varieties. Two communities took this job in their hands and were responsible for the rise of traditional breads in India - the Naan Bais and the Bhatiyaras respectively. These two communities used to supply the locals with a variety of traditional breads. Although these two communities have nearly vanished now, they have surely given India’s culinary map a remarkable transformation with their breads. These bread varieties are now popular on the streets of Delhi and are all things delectable. Are you planning a trip to Delhi soon? Don’t forget to try these five traditional breads.

1. Sheermal

If you have ever been to Old Delhi, you must have heard the name of this bread. One of the best Mughlai dishes, Sheermal is a hit in the lanes of purani Dilli. The slightly sweet and delicious bread is often paired with Mughlai curries. The bread is studded with nuts, seeds and dry fruits that give it an exciting texture.

2. Bakarkhani

If you are thinking of pairing a read with kormas and keemas, we don’t think anything would be better than Bakarkhani. The bread is usually available on the streets of Old Delhi and Nizamuddin and has an interesting texture enough to leave you gobsmacked. It has a tough crust and a spongy interior and is often baked with some sesame seeds on the top.

3. Kulchas

Kulchas are easily one of Delhi’s best street foods. Often paired with chhole, Kulchas are all things soft, spongy and decadent. The bread is available in almost every lane in Delhi and is a clear winner when it comes to a scrumptious breakfast.

4. Lachha Paratha

We all have tasted this layered and crispy goodness, haven’t we? Made by stretching the maida dough while making distinct layers, Lachha Paratha is undoubtedly one of the best flatbreads eaten across India. Want to have Laccha Parathas for lunch today? Pair them with a gravy and you’re good to go.

5. Khamiri Roti

If you have ever been to the famous Mughlai eateries in Old Delhi, you know how popular Khamiri roti is in the locality. Quite spongy and leavened enough to compete with the modern breads, Khamiri Roti has got its name from the Hindi word for yeast- ‘Khamiri’. The bread is often paired with non-vegetarian gravy dishes and is also enjoyed alone.