5 Healthy Zero-Oil Snacks That Are Perfect For Your Evening Tea
Image Credit: Unsplash

Something about Indian food entices us every time we crave something delectable. Indian snacks, whether crispy samosas, bonda, bread pakoras, or delectable desi sandwiches, are one of the best tea accompaniments. However, eating all of these snacks on a regular basis might be damaging to one's health, especially if one is attempting to lose weight. Given this, we've compiled a list of Indian snack recipes that use no oil and only natural ingredients. So, what are you holding out for? Now is the moment to replace all of those unhealthy snacks with these nutritious snacks.

1. Moong Dal Chaat

Moong Dal Chaat is a North Indian dish that is served as a tasty snack. This healthy meal is also a pleasant treat. This chaat is made with moong dal, capsicum, tomato, green mangoes, carrot, sev, and a variety of spices and can be given at tea parties or cat parties. Moong Dal Chaat, with its minimal salt content, can be enjoyed at any time of day. This colourful snack is simple to prepare and ideal for picnics and road trips. It's also easy on the stomach and high in protein. So, try this flavorful recipe and share it with your loved ones. Here's the recipe.

2. Makhana Bhel

Makhana Bhel is an Indian food that will tempt your taste senses. This low-calorie snack is easy on the stomach and tastes excellent. Makhanas are a highly nutritious dish that should be included in your regular diet. Makhana Bhel is the ideal nutritious snack to incorporate into your regular routine to reap the maximum benefits from Makhanas. Here's the recipe.

3. Masala Papad

Masala Papad is a famous North Indian snack that is created with roasted or fried papad. Onions, tomatoes, green chillies, cilantro (coriander leaves), salt, chaat masala powder, red chilli powder, and lime juice are sprinkled on top of the crispy papad. The papad has a crispy texture, while the masala on top gives it a soft texture, making it a wonderful mix that everyone enjoys. Check the recipe.

4. Shakarkand Chaat

Now is the time for a very famous street-style chaat recipe that everyone enjoys. If you go about and explore, you will find a plethora of sellers serving this delectable chaat. It's also quite simple to make at home. The best part is that it complements tea perfectly. Check this recipe out.

5. Whole Wheat Momos

Who doesn’t love momos? These soft and delicious dumplings are popular street food in India. There are countless variations to momos. But to add a healthy twist to them, you can make whole wheat momos instead. This will allow you to enjoy a guilt-free snack with your evening tea. Check this recipe.