5 Delectable Dishes To Break Your Fast With, This Mahashivratri

Hindus around the world are all set to celebrate Mahashivratri on March 1, and we know you are too busy prepping for the big day. One of the most lavish festivals of the Hindus, Mahashivratri is celebrated on the 13th day and 14th night of Phalguna Krishna Paksha of the Hindu calendar. From bathing the Jyotirlinga with milk, fruits and flowers to preparing yourself for the 108 chants of ‘Om Namah Shivaya’, the festival brings with it an elaborate prepping altogether. One of these is preparing yourself for the nirjala fast. Devotees across the world observe a fast and break it with sattvic food. Are you also keeping a fast this Mahashivratri? Here are some foods you can break your fast with.

1. Sabudana Kheer

One can’t miss mentioning sabudana while talking about sattvic food. And what’s better than breaking your fast than a delicious and comforting sabudana kheer? Follow the recipe below and break your fast with a delectable bowl of sabudana kheer this Mahashivratri.

2. Rajgeera Poori

Rajgeera is a must-have in the pantry during vrats. The versatile and nutritious grain is perfect to energise you after a long day of fasting. Fry some crispy rajgeera pooris for a delicious meal and serve them with some delectable sides for a wholesome after-fast meal.

3. Vrat Waale Aloo

Serve these simple yet delicious vrat wale aloo with pooris or khichdi to satiate your cravings post-vrat. The dry and delicious aloo sabzi will fill you up with essential carbs after your fast and along with filling your palate with decadent flavours.

4. Sabudana Tikki

An authentic Maharashtrian snack, Sabudana tikki is usually savoured during vrats too. Serve these tikkis with chutney on the side. The light, crispy and moreish tikkis are perfect to make you drool after the fast.

5. Sabudana Khichdi

Khichdi is a delicacy that spells ‘comfort’ like no other Indian dish. As one cannot load up on cereals during a fast, sabudana khichdi is one of the best options to savour after the fast. Loaded with nutritious veggies and subtle spices, sabudana khichdi will serve all the purposes of an ideal post-vrat meal.