5 Breakfast Recipes From Andhra Pradesh You Must Try
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

Andhra Pradesh boasts a unique landscape and, thus, the cuisine and food habits also vary as you move from one part of the state to the other. While the food culture in certain places has a distinct Nizami influence, Telugu cuisine, on the other hand, is also world-famous for its tangy, hot, and spicy taste. The fiery flavours aside, there is again a part of Andhra cuisine that is subtle yet equally delicious. In fact, just the breakfast dishes of the state are sure to surprise you with its variety.

Dosas, vadas, bondas and more – you name it and you’ll have a variety of each of these on the table. Here’s a list of some of the must-try breakfast items from Andhra cuisine. Bookmark them now! 

1. Pesarattu 

Packed with proteins, this pancake-like soft and fluffy dosa is made with a batter of green gram and cooked on tawa with minimal amount of oil. It is one wholesome and flavourful dish that you needn’t pair anything with. However, in Andhra, it is often eaten with a ginger chutney. There are also some other varieties of Pesarattu, including the one filled with upma, known as upma Pesarattu.   

2. Punugulu 

One of the most popular snacks from the cuisine, Punugulu is a fried dumpling or bonda, which is made with the typical idli-dosa batter. Crispy outside and soft inside, this is a common morning and evening snack in most Andhra households. Paired with coconut chutney or spicy tomato chutney, this fried snack spells decadence in each bite. 

3. Minapa Roti

Also known as Dibba Roti, which translates to ‘thick bread’ in Telegu, Minapa Roti is a protein-packed lentil bread made with urad dal, rice rava, and light spices. It is served as breakfast, brunch or evening snack, and can be served with any chutney. 

4. Bobbatlu 

A sweet, stuffed flat bread made with flour or semolina, Bobbatlu is a traditional dish made especially during festivals, such as Ugadi. Its stuffing can be any dal, including chana or toor, or even coconut along with sugar or jaggery. 

5. Thapala Chekkalu 

Here is a deep-fried, crispy, rice- and dal-based vada stuffed with onions, curry leaves, and chilli. Thapala Chekkalu can be paired with a chutney of your choice, but it goes best with coconut chutney. This flat and brown coloured snack is an irresistible breakfast from the state.