4 Side Dishes That Can Complement Your Khichdi In The Best Way

We all usually end up making khichdi at least once a month. The reason is its wholesomeness. It tastes simply yummy and is easy to make. In states like Bihar, people eat khichdi every Saturday while in Tamil Nadu special Pongal khichdi is meant for celebrations. From Rajasthani Bajra Khichdi to Bengali Khichuri, there are so many regional varieties of this dish and all are equally delicious. Apart from the taste, we all know khichdi made with a lot of water and no spices is the most recommended meal when we are sick. However, when you are absolutely fine, deserve khichdi at its best. There are a number of items you can incorporate with khichdi to complement it. While pickles and papad are very popular ones, we have the 4 best options for you that go perfectly well with khichdi as side dishes.

Saag pakora

This famous pakora dish can be served with all types of khichdi. You can use any type of saag for it. You don't need another thing to go with your delicious khichdi when you have saag pakora. Just remember to keep them crispy.


A Bihari version of khichdi can never be considered complete without chokha. Made with boiled mashed potatoes, a little oil, chopped onions, and spices, this subtle and flavourful dish goes well with khichdi. The best thing about chokha is that it's super easy to make.


Beguni is a Bengali side dish that goes well with khichdi because of its scrumptious taste and crispy-soft texture. To make beguni, brinjal slices are dipped in besan paste and cooked like any other pakora.

Fish fry

If you want to have khichdi on a special day, go with some fish along with it. Fish fry tastes absolutely delicious with khichdi and is best to change the opinion of non-khichdi lovers. Fish fry is also served with Bengali khichdi.