7 Chicken Recipes From Kerala You Shouldn’t Miss 2022

  • Aanchal Mathur
  • January 05, 2022

The coastal region of south India, particularly Kerala, is a paradise for non-vegetarians. While seafood might be prevalent in most parts, the chicken or mutton delicacies are a delight too. Packed with spices, rich taste and a soul-soothing texture, Kerala has a list of delicious meals that you simply cannot resist. I remember visiting Kerala four years back and we went on a food tour with a local guide. We noshed upon a string of seafood delicacies, but besides that I still cannot forget the taste of Kerala Chicken Roast. The Malabar chicken curry too lingers on my taste buds whenever I speak of Kerala cuisine post the tour. Despite trying some popular south Indian restaurants in Delhi, I couldn’t find anything that comes close to the authentic flavour. But who says that we can’t try it at home? Impressed with the Kerala-style chicken delicacies, here I’m listing some of my favourite chicken recipes that you must try to get as close to Kerala cuisine as you can, while being at home. So, if you are a chicken fan, then here we bring you some Kerala style chicken recipes that you must try. 

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4.623 Rating

Malabar Chicken Wings

5.027 Rating

Kerala Style Chicken Curry With Coconut Cream

4.613 Rating

Chatti Pathiri (Chicken Stuffed)

4.511 Rating

Kerala Chicken Curry

4.823 Rating

Chicken Roast Kerala Style

4.024 Rating

Chicken spicy fry


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