Top Places In Ahmedabad For The Best Gujarati Thali

By Risha Ganguly

So, if you are in Ahmedabad and you want to enjoy some hearty Gujarati snacks or try a filling thali, you are in luck! And what better than to gorge on delicious authentic Gujarati food while you’ve worked up an appetite?

  • Gopi Dining Hall

    Visiting this place in the hot months may impress you with how they generously provide free buttermilk to many thirsty people. The dining hall had a pleasant atmosphere, and the service was up to par. The food served was cooked in moderate oil, which was a refreshing change from greasy meals. People drool over their Bhindi, Achari-flavoured Khaman, Coconut Sheera, and Aam Ras.

  • Chandravilas Restaurant

    This is one of the oldest places in Ahmedabad for jalebi fafda. It is a more than 120-year-old heritage restaurant. Their fafda has perfect crispness and softness, and their jalebi is made in pure ghee. Chandravilas Restaurant is the first and last name for fafda-jalebi in the city, and the older generations are also fans of this place.

  • Azad Sweets And Restaurant

    This restaurant is highly recommended for fafda-jalebi. Established in 2016, this place is also known for serving other dishes such as dhokla, sweets, and their iconic Gujarati thali. Azad Sweets and Restaurant is an ideal spot for relishing Gujarati cuisine with family in Ahmedabad.

  • Agashiye Take Away

    Agashiye in Gujarati means ‘On the terrace’ and so it is. This terrace restaurant, established in 1999 at a 1920s iconic hotel, serves delicious traditional Gujarati food, thalis, and take-aways. Noted for its excellent quality, taste, and service, it's a place one can visit for a unique experience. The heritage experience of royal dining, complete with background live classical and regional music, is an added bonus. The staff are courteous, the service is quick, and with the open-air ambience and soothing vibes, dining is a pleasurable experience here. Besides Khakhras, one must sample their dhokla, Shrikhand, paratha, chaach, and other Gujarati foods.

  • Vaishanav’s Farali World

    The nine days of Navratri are as much about celebration as they are about devotion, and a lot of people keep fast. The vrat-friendly farali thali is meant for people who observe the Navratri fast in different ways throughout the nation. Their farali thali is a filling dish that contains a variety of superfoods that will keep you energised all day, including potatoes, sago, paneer and millet.

  • Chulo

    Traditional village recipes hold an irreplaceable charm. But imagine having them right in our bustling cities! Chulo provides that exact experience. They provide authentic food with pure village vibes, and their ambience is vintage. The food is prepared on chulha just like in the village, and it is extremely healthy and full of flavours! They also serve kadhi-khichdi, lasan chana dal, rajwaadi dhokli, and several other dishes. Also on offer are unlimited Kathiyawadi thalis.

  • Ishaara Restaurant

    Modern Indian dining can be fun, experimental, and interesting. And when it comes to Ishaara, you get the best quality of food. Their Utsav Thali is completely Sattvik and the best option for those who observe fasts during festivals. The thali includes shak, sabudana vadi, and khichdi, along with jeera aloo methi and rajgira kadhi.

  • Lunchbox: Meals & Thalis

    Lunchbox’s thalis are just for you! You can order their special farali combos and have them delivered to the comfort of your home. Their combos include upvas pattice, sabudana khichdi, sitaphal kheer, makhmali paneer and dum aloo. For affordable and hearty everyday meals, enjoy their rajma-chawal lunchbox or chicken kheema with paratha for a sumptuous feast.

  • The Grand Thakar

    Have you been longing for delicious, hearty meals that won't dent your wallet? Other than Gujarati food, the variety of options here ranges from Chinese to sizzlers to Italian cuisine. Their humongous thalis have farsan, puran poli, chhas, khichadi, fulka rotis, and sabjis like bharela ringana, methi papad, and undhiyu. The staff is extremely polite, and dining here is a very wholesome experience.

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