World Kebab Day: 4 Mock Meat Kebab Recipes You Can’t Miss
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

It is World Kebab Day on July 8, and the mention of kebabs immediately transports us to the world of juicy, succulent, meaty kebabs full of chicken, mutton, or fish marinated in a pool of spices and cooked to perfection. But rarely do we imagine vegan or mock meat as a mouth-watering kebab to relish. Isn’t that true? From jackfruit patties to soybean chops or ‘vegetarian’ chicken and fish - options for those seeking alternatives to meat are now available across the world. 

So, why limit ourselves to just meat when you can go mock too? Especially when experts have revealed how replacing animal meat with plant-based or 'fake' meat is going to be the way forward. From jackfruit meat to soybean chops these 'vegetarian' meat alternatives have found fans even in the hardcore non-vegetarians.  

Mock meat can be created from plant-based proteins that can resemble the real deal when it comes to taste, colour and even texture. Ingredients like soyabean, wheat protein, tempeh and pea protein are processed into delicious kebabs and other versions of meat using fungi-like yeast to create the desired texture. 

Other substitutes of mock meat include curing of vegetable substitutes like jackfruit and eggplant along with an interesting play of spices that resemble dishes of meat. So, on the occasion of World Kebab Day, why not ditch the usual chicken and mutton and try some mock meat kebabs? 

1. Jackfruit Kebab 

Also known as kathal, this kebab combines the goodness of raw jackfruit, with chana dal along with a host of spices such as peppercorn, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger-garlic, garam masala, kasuri methi, green chillies, and more. These kebabs are a perfect balance of taste and nutrition.  

2. Tandoori Soya Seekh Kebab 

With a melt-in mouth texture, and a mouth-watering flavour, these soya seekh kebabs are no less than your regular seekh kebabs. Combining an array of spices with potato, chana dal and soya granules, these seekh kebabs are a perfect appetiser for your evening binge on World Kebab Day. 

3. Bottle Gourd Kebab 

For the picky eaters in your family, this is, perhaps, the best way to make them consume bottle gourd, which otherwise isn’t in the good books of many people. Grated and boiled bottle gourd, mixed with cooked dal and spices, roasted on medium flame makes for delicious kebabs that can make anyone slurp a little. 

4. Shahi Baingan Kebab 

Eggplant or baingan is one of the top mock meat alternatives, and this desi-style kebab recipe is just what you need to saturate anyone who says it cannot substitute the flavour of chicken/mutton kebabs. Fried baingan sauteed in a pool of spices such as jeera, garlic, ginger, red chilli, salt, dhania powder, haldi, and garam masala along with onion, tomatoes, and curd. When cooked, it is served hot with a topping of butter. These kebabs are served slightly curried, and are perfect for your dinner parties.