Beyond Chaap- Soybean Recipes That Are Worth Trying
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The soybean, also known as the soybean or soya bean, is a legume native to East Asia that is commonly farmed for its edible bean, which has a variety of uses. Soybeans come in approximately 2,500 different types, ranging in colour from white (the most common) to black, brown, and green. Each kind serves a distinct purpose. Green is used to produce roasted soy flour (kinako) and green tofu and natto, whereas black is boiled and consumed as part of the traditional Japanese New Year dinner. For thousands of years, soybeans have been a staple meal in many parts of the world, and over time, a range of products have been developed using soybeans, allowing them to be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Tofu, soy milk, soy sauce, tempeh, TVP (textured vegetable protein), and soy flour are some of the most common soybean products. Soybeans are used to produce vegetable oils, which are marketed to consumers or used economically in around 85 per cent of the world's soybeans. Soybeans are often sold as snacks, roasted and salted.

In India, most of the population is vegetarian and soybean is one of the richest sources of protein available to them. Soybean can be consumed in different ways be it in a liquid or a powdered form. There are various types of soybean recipes depending upon the region and local spices.

Here are a few recipes that you can try with soybean-

Banana Soymilk smoothie

This is a very easy recipe. All you need to do is blend some chopped bananas with chilled soymilk. You may add some orange juice for a dash of tangy flavour. This smoothie is quite filling and tastes amazing too. You may add dry fruits, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds or any other topping to it as per your taste.