Working Late From Home? These 4 Quick-Fixes Are The Perfect Breakfast You Were Looking For
Image Credit: From egg burritos to cornmeal porridge, these breakfast fixes are quick and easy-to-eat.

As they say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. It boosts up your energy and gives you a little kick to start your day right. If you eat right in the morning, your entire day will be a ball of productivity, it is believed. However, a cup of coffee doesn’t qualify as a filling breakfast meal. The pandemic has left us stuck at home for the past two years, with minimum social interaction and lack of physical contact. Be it schools, colleges or offices, all have remained shut for the longest time, operating only virtually. Zoom calls and Google meet links have made us survive these tough times and managed to sail us through our jobs and life, in general. 

You know what they call it, right? Work from home or WFH. This new abbreviation has been dictating lives of working professionals for quite some time now. The concept arose in lieu of the current situation where stepping out of the house involved huge risks. People operated from the comfort of their homes, with suits and ties on top and comfy shorts and pyjamas below. Moreover, we would have our bowls of cereal beside our laptop screens each morning because well, we just woke up 20 minutes before the meeting. 

Giving yourself some time to eat a nutritious meal in the morning is quite essential in this scenario, especially when you’re working till late. You don’t need to go to the extent of making french toasts or bread pakoras, resort to some easy-to-make breakfasts and you are sorted. 

Here are some quick breakfast fixes that are super convenient for work from home. 

1.  Scrambled Eggs 

Eggs are a powerhouse of nutrition and strength. To keep your energies high all day, try to include breakfast in your morning meals. You don’t need to be super extensive with them, like making Spanish omlettes. A simple scrambled eggs bowl would work well too. Either scramble them with just salt and pepper seasoning or you could take them a notch higher by adding veggies like capsicum, tomato and onions. Slice some green chillies for the spice and enjoy. 

2.  Breakfast Parfait 

Parfait is actually a French dessert which is creamy and smooth. But you can always make a quick parfait if you are in the mood for a sweet breakfast. Take some green yoghurt, pour it to the bottom of your glass, add in some berries of your choice to give it a fruity flavour and finally layer it with some quinoa. No-cook breakfast is ready to relished. 

3.  Egg Burritos 

This is quite a filling and tasty option. Roll up your ready-to-eat tortilla breads with some spiced up eggs mixture and eat it while working. Toss the eggs with some cheese and green onions and you’ll love how it tastes inside the burrito wrap. 

4.  Cornmeal Porridge 

Finally, if all of the above seems like too much of a hassle still, you can always count on a bowl of porridge. Made with cornmeal, the porridge is flavoured with cinnamon sticks and nutmeg. You can drop in some vanilla essence if you like and add some berries for a tinge of sweetness and fruitiness.