Winters 2021: 5 Delicious Pickles You Need To Add To Your Winter Menu

When talking about the beauty of winters, one cannot miss the abundant seasonal delicacies that are here to satiate us to the core. From the vast array of nutritious and delicious winter vegetables to the scrumptious quintessential desserts, winter has to be the favourite season for foodies like me. I always look forward to winters. I mean, who doesn’t want to start the day with a cup of chai and piping hot and buttery parathas while sitting wrapped up in a thick comforter? Quite obviously, Delhi winters are my favourite. It is the only season when asking extra makkhan from the Parathe-wale-Bhaiya doesn’t seem like a sin. Ah, the parathas! The buttery flatbreads, the delicious chhole along the tangy carrot achaar were my everyday breakfast while I was in Delhi. The fresh and delicious pickles truly elevated the flavours of the dish along with my mood for the day. This brings me to the childhood memory of sitting at the terrace during winter vacations while my mom used to look after the big fat dabbas of achaar in the afternoon. Sneaking a few pieces of the pickled vegetables while studying was my everyday ritual during winters. The fresh pickles were enough to pair up with any dish- from breakfast parathas to dinner Khichdi. Now that winters are finally here, I have curated some of the most delicious pickles that you can try at home this year.

1. Gajar Mirchi Achaar

The fresh carrots available in winters are one of the best things I look forward to. Very few paratha vaalas in Delhi serve their paratha platter without carrot pickles. The tangy, crunchy and delicious carrots are enough to keep you drooling.  

2. Lahsun Ka Achaar

A personal favourite, Lahsun Ka Achaar is enough to keep you going for the winters. The slightly pungent, spicy and delicious pickle is best paired with a plate of comforting Khichdi for lunch.

3. Mooli Ka Achaar

At my place, winters are the season for relishing delicious and wholesome Sambar along with rice for lunch, the reason being the fresh white radish. Crunchy radish made into pickles is perfect for any course of the day. Mooli Ka Achaar is enriched with mustard oil, lime juice and chillies and is enough for a perfect winter meal.

4. Nimbu Adrak Achaar

A quick, easy and tantalizing pickle that can be made in a jiffy, Nimbu Adrak Achaar is enough to tantalize your palate with the right amount of bitterness and tang.

5. Amle Ka Achaar

The fresh Amlas is surely one of the best things to look forward to during winters. Make a pickle out of them to revamp your winter meals. The spicy achaar is a must-have in your winter menu.

What are you still waiting for? Go and start prepping for these decadent pickles now. They are waiting to be savoured.