Winter-Special Gud Ka Halwa: Here’s How You Can Make It At Home
Image Credit: Gud ka halwa

Come winter, everything hot, warm, and fuzzy takes precedence over the cold and dry food items in your kitchen. The mind wanders in the direction of deep-fried, rich, and hearty dishes that would otherwise take a backseat during summer. Apart from savouries, it is the dessert menu that is given a makeover too, to suit the needs of winter. 

Instead of a scoop of ice cream, one would prefer to have a bowl of garam-garam halwa. For the unversed, halwa is a type of Indian pudding made with semolina or flour, as well as a host of other ingredients. Filled with nuts and cooked in ghee, halwa is usually a rich and decadent dessert, made all-year round. However, the importance of a hot halwa increases during the chilly cold months when everyone is shivering, in need of some warmth.  

An essential ingredient in many desserts during winter, jaggery (or gud) is often added to halwas too. But what if we were to tell you that you can make Gud Ka Halwa as well at home? This season, try this quintessential winter recipe and let us know if you like it.  


    ¾ cup gud 

    Chopped walnuts  

    Chopped cashew nuts  

    Whole wheat flour 


    Rose petals  


    Start by adding ghee to a pan.  

    In this, add whole wheat flour and let it roast over medium heat.  

    Once the flour turns slightly dark brown, add in the jaggery and combine it well. The halwa requires continuous stirring, so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom.  

    Add in the chopped cashew nuts and walnuts.  

    Throw in the rose petals in the end and serve hot.