Moong Dal Halwa: Get This Delight Right With These Tips

Our humble halwa needs no introduction. Whenever it is a celebratory occasion, halwa has to be there. Of course, sooji ka halwa gives us absolute homely vibes. Halwa is a sugary fudge pudding that is believed to have traveled to South Asia with the Mughals. Halwa is not just limited to sooji, but so many other things too. One can have gajar ka halwa, kaddu ka halwa, aloo ka halwa, aate ka halwa, moong dal ka halwa and what not! Indeed, there is a halwa for every occasion and every individual. Isn’t it? 

Though there are so many halwas, there are some varieties quite close to our hearts. Suji ka halwa, gajar ka halwa and moong dal ka halwa tops the list. While the first two are comparatively easy to make, making moong dal halwa is no less than a tiring task. Not just it differs in taste but also in the number of efforts which are needed to put together this scrumptious halwa. But I must say, all the efforts are worth it.  

Even after putting in so much of hard work, it happens when the halwa doesn’t turn out to be how you had expected. But don’t worry. We have some tips that can help. Have a look. 

  • First things first, you should not be in a rush. Moong dal halwa requires a lot of patience. So, don’t rush and be patient.  
  • One should go easy on ghee especially when it’s the moong dal halwa. And, make sure you use yellow split moong dal and not green moong bean. 
  • It is advised that one should soak moong dal overnight as it takes at least 4 to 5 hours to get soften. In order to speed up the process, you can soak the dal in hot water. Make sure that the dal is washed at least twice before grinding.  
  • At the time of grinding soaked moong dal, you should take care that the dal is not blended into a smooth paste. Rather, the paste should be slightly coarse as this enhances the taste. Also, don’t add too much water but only what is required.  
  • Make sure you keep the flame very low while you make moong dal halwa or else it will burn. Do not hesitate as it will require a lot of stirring.  

Believe me, these tips can change your moong dal halwa-making experience. Just in case you are wondering about the recipe, here you go!!