Why Should You Choose An Electric Tandoor Over Traditional One?
Image Credit: Virtue Home Appliances/facebook

Tandoor is a very old method of cooking in the country. The history states its origin in the Indus valley of ancient India. Be it tandoori chicken or naan, we are all fond of this cooking style. It basically includes a large urn-shaped oven that is usually made with clay. A charcoal fire is built inside the tandoor that cooks the food. Meats and roti are the main dishes that is made with this method. 

Tandoori dishes are extremely delicious and super filling as the food is first marinated in various flavourful spices and then roasted. But this method of cooking is very complicated. Traditional tandoors need an open space and cannot fit into your kitchen. They are also very expensive. But how about enjoying the same smoky dishes without these problems? Yes, an electric tandoor can solve all these problems. 


Here are five reasons you should choose electric tandoor over the traditional one: 

1. Easy To Maintain 

An electric tandoor does not require an open space to cook. It can easily fit in your kitchen. This appliance is light weight and easy to clean. All the unpredictability and hassles can be cancelled with cooking in an electric tandoor. It allows more control over the appliance and gives the same glorious flavour to your food. 

2. Economic 

Buying electric tandoor is a long-term investment in delicious recipes as well as health. It can prepare food like traditional clay oven and is less complicated. There is no need to burn coal for hours and contribute to pollution. Electric tandoor comes with an ability to use less power and are easily available online. 

3. Promotes Health 

In tandoor, there is very less requirement of oil as the food is cooked in its own juice. The electric one allows to retain the actual flavour and keeps the dish crispy without using any extra oil. Therefore, switching to an electric tandoor is win-win situation, to get healthy food without compromising with flavours. 

4. Not Limited To One Dish 

An electric tandoor is not limited to only meat dishes or roti, you can also bake a pizza in it. This appliance is also useful for defrosting, barbequing, reheating, and toasting. From kebabs and tikkas to even cakes, electric tandoor can become an all-in-one gem of your kitchen. 

5. Good For Environment 

As stated earlier, an electric tandoor uses less electricity. On an average, it uses 1000 watts of power whereas a microwave and an electric oven needs at least 2000 watts. This appliance also causes lesser smoke as compared to the traditional tandoor. Therefore, it is also good for the environment.

An electric tandoor is a must-have asset for your kitchen that not only gives you delicious food but also reduces your expenses and effort in cleaning.