Kitchen Tips: How To Clean A Charcoal Grill
Image Credit: Unsplash

A clean grill is a key to a great cookout. There would be fewer problems with grills wearing out if people treated them as they do their stovetops. Consider this: after cooking something on the stove, you usually have to clean up the spills. You should clean your grill more thoroughly every now and then, depending on how frequently it is used. This includes rearranging everything and wiping around and under the burners. A grill should be treated similarly to a stove. Clean it every time you use it.

Reasons To Clean Charcoal Grill

1. It will be more durable

Allowing food and other trash to sit will cause rust to form, destroying your barbecue. Furthermore, the rust will contaminate your meals, which you do not want.

2. A dirty grill can cause a fire

This is especially true if you have a grease trap on your barbecue. Grease buildup can start a fire, which will burn your meat or worse.

3. Your food will taste more appealing as a result

You should relish the cuisine you're cooking, not the food you prepared a month ago, so make sure to scrape away any old bits that have accumulated before your next meal.

4. Cooking on a dirty grill is unhealthy

Germs can thrive on leftover food on the grill, putting you at risk for a stomach upset. That isn't even the most serious health hazard. The debris that accumulates on your grates can be carcinogenic, and it is transferred to the food you cook via the filthy grates.

Cleaning Charcoal Grill

One of the advantages of charcoal grills is that they must be cleaned after each usage. Many people, however, do not take advantage of the situation and simply discard the ashes. Having a sturdy wire brush on hand to sweep out the cooked-on leftovers can make subsequent cleaning procedures much easier. And don't believe that just because you have one of those grills with ash catchers means you don't need to clean it. Everything you use to cook must be cleaned. Clean the grate and brush off the ashes and cooked-on foods after each usage of your charcoal barbecue. This will reduce the amount of smoke and undesirable flavours. Get in there on a regular basis and scrape off everything that tends to accumulate on the bottom of your grill. At least once a year, take out a pail of soapy water and thoroughly clean it. Get a can of grill-safe paint if you need to touch up the colour.