Every Indian household is more or less accustomed to the sound of the pressure cooker whistle going off. One of the favourite tasks our mothers used to entrust upon us when we were children was counting the number of times the cooker whistle went off and informing her when the allotted number of whistles were done. Pressure cookers have intricately been part of our household kitchens for decades now. In 1959, the modern-day pressure cooker was introduced in India by Hawkins and TT Pvt. Ltd. (now known as TTK Prestige). Offered in aluminum and stainless-steel configurations, the pressure cooker quickly became an essential cooking device in innumerable Indian kitchens. To understand the rapid spurt of growth of pressure cookers here and worldwide, we’ve prepared an extended list of advantages it poses for the busy homemakers and professional chefs alike that make this device a must-have.

Madhumitha Udaykumar, COO and Co-founder, The Indus Valley adds "Considered as the most trusted kitchen friend, Pressure Cooker is an important element of the Indian household as it is used on a daily basis to cook food. With the new Tri-ply Stainless Steel Outer Lid Pressure Cooker, cooking healthy food becomes easier, and hassle-free, as it offers amazing cooking advantages such as cooking food effortlessly within 20 minutes. The 3 layer design technique not only helps in even heating but also makes cooking 4 times faster than ordinary cooking methods. Traditional cooking involves boiling food in an open utensil whereas the pressure cooker maintains steam and retains all water-soluble vitamins and minerals. The sturdy and thick construction of the cooker also helps in preserving the flavours and natural colours, which makes food tastier.

Here are few ways pressure cooker really helps.

1.    Saves Energy

In a world where energy is currency and in limited supply, the pressure cooker is a godsend considering how efficient it is at saving those precious gas and electricity bills. The pressure cooker apparatus is designed in a way that it traps the steam generated from cooking the contents inside it, creating a pressure that builds up and allows for the food to cook faster than it would have been if it was uncovered. The airtight apparatus generates a rise in temperature and pressure within the cooker which is let off by the weighted pressure regulator on top of the lid creating that iconic cooker whistle sound as the built-up steam and pressure is allowed an outlet. Upon achieving a greater rise in temperature inside the airtight apparatus, it allows for less energy to be consumed overall than it would’ve been if it wasn’t airtight and the contents were cooked with an open lid.

2.    Saves Time

Pressure cookers are a handy device to have around the kitchen if one is aiming to cook food in bulk or to cut down the time of cooking required for a particular application. Cooking in a pressure cooker saves 2/3rd of the cooking time required to prepare a certain dish. Therefore, whether it be hustling homemakers or professionals frantically trying to move one food order after the other in a busy restaurant, all of them wholeheartedly embrace the time saving capability of the mighty pressure cooker to get through their chores.

3.    Retains Nutrition and Flavour

Since the contents inside the pressure cooker are cooked in an airtight manner, the pressure that is generated inside the cooker allows the added water content to force its way into the tough proteins, grains, beans and starches that would’ve been lost in the water if it were boiled in the open. The outcome is a more tender and more flavourful meal with all of its nutritional properties remaining intact within the enclosed apparatus.

4.    Easy Cleanup

Often pressure cookers are a one-pot solution for cooking the meal that you desire. Until absolutely required, the pressure cooker can the one pot where everything comes together without any splattering or making a greasy mess on the stovetop. Nowadays pressure cookers come with a variety of safety measures and configurations that allows for fool-proof cooking experience without the need for another cookware to lend a hand in to complete the preparation of a particular dish.

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5.    Preserves Food 

Large sized pressure cookers are also utilized by homesteaders, gardeners and hunters to preserve massive quantities of food by canning and preserving them. Canning involves the process of putting the food within a food-safe glass jar with the brining liquid and pressure cooking them at a high temperature in order to preserve the freshness of the product and keep them away for future use and application. However, it cannot be done with smaller pressure cookers meant for menial household applications. Pressure cookers or canners come equipped with a dedicated pressure measurement module that accurately reads the pressure at which the canning is being done, and prevents any unfortunate accidents from happening.

6.    Can be used at any altitudes

Water boils at lower temperatures at higher elevations. A pressure cooker creates a stable atmosphere with its airtight design, allowing for constant and precise pressures to be subjected to the contents inside the pot for cooking. That creates faster and more consistent cooking outcome, whether you’re a mountaineer stranded at the base of an unforgiving terrain like Mount Everest or a resident among the hills, the pressure cooker will deliver hot meals for you every time it is called upon to do so.

7.    Safety and Convenience

Modern-day electric pressure cookers have important built-in safety features for protection against unforeseen mishaps. These include automatic pressure control, heating and pressure sensors, lid detection and safe locking techniques, automatic temperature detection, and heating plates that distribute the heat evenly. It is convenient for its effortless usability and having more time to do other chores or simply lay rest rather than hovering over the stovetop waiting for the opportune time to turn the heat off or set the pot away from it.