Avoid These 5 Mistakes While Using An Electric Pressure Cooker
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The electric pressure cooker has become an indispensable item in the modern kitchen. Apart from being comfortable to use, you can quickly cook many things in it. These days, people like to use their kitchen with modern facilities. In such a situation, more importance is being given to electric appliances. On the other hand, if you use an electric pressure cooker, it is essential to care for some things. Like the regular pressure cooker, the electric one is also very easy to use, but its maintenance is slightly different. Here, we will tell you the mistakes one should avoid while using an electric pressure cooker.

Check The Number Of Ingredients

Many people fill the pressure cooker with too many ingredients, but it is not the ideal way to go about it. Add ingredients according to the size of the pressure cooker. Overburdening of an electric pressure cooker can not only leave food uncooked, but it can also leak out. If you are cooking lentils or anything else, fill the pressure cooker only halfway. There should be space in the pressure cooker to cook the ingredients.

Thick Slurry Of Cornstarch Or Roux

If you're making gravies, soups, or similar items in an electric pressure cooker, don't use a thick batter of cornstarch or roux. This can spoil the dish, as it releases miniature steam. So when you are making things like soup or gravy in a pressure cooker, add cornstarch only after it is prepared. This will not spoil the taste, and the texture of the dish will also be accurate.

When To Add Water With Ingredients

When adding the ingredients to the electric pressure cooker, be sure to use water or other liquid in it. The electric pressure cooker cooks the ingredients only through steam, which needs water or liquid to function correctly. You can check the amount of water according to the elements. Usually, you must use one or half a cup of water.

The Proper Amount Of Water

For the proper functioning of an electric pressure cooker, make sure to check the amount of water. But, beware of using too much water as it can spoil the taste of the dishes. Therefore, make sure to use a cup of water for food so that the taste does not get spoiled. However, if a recipe requires more water, then you can use it accordingly.

Cooking Many Things At Once, A No-No

In an electric pressure cooker, this method is wrong if you are cooking many things at once. If you are doing this, keep only those ingredients that can quickly be cooked, i.e. in one go. For example, if you are cooking meat, then cut it into appropriate sizes. Then, there will be no problem with cooking.

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