Kadai Vs Pressure Cooker: Which Utensil Is Better For Cooking?
Image Credit: Kadai Vs Pressure Cooker

Some people make chole in a kadai while others cook it in a pressure cooker. Similarly, some people like to cook vegetables in a kadai while others prepare them in a cooker. But which of the two utensils is considered the best for cooking? If you do not know, then read this article. Because almost every food is prepared in either utensil, but sometimes experts refuse to use a cooker. Is it not reasonable to cook food in a pressure cooker? Simran Saini, a dietician at Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, said that cooking food in a cooker causes gas in the stomach. Therefore, to avoid acidity, instead of cooking food in a pressure cooker, start using a kadai.

To know the best between kadai and pressure cooker, it is essential to comprehend how food is cooked in both utensils

How is the food prepared in a pressure cooker?

  • In a pressure cooker, the food is cooked immediately under steam. However, when the cooker is kept on high flame, the water boils, and smoke is formed inside the cooker, which helps the food cook.
  • According to nutritionists, food can be cooked quickly in a cooker, but it loses all the nutritional benefits and merely fills the stomach. For this reason, food cooked in a pressure cooker is less tasty and healthy than food cooked in a kadai or other utensils.

How is food prepared in a kadai? Meals prepared in the kadai remains uncovered, which helps automatically take full time and moisture from the flame. Do you know this also helps in retaining the taste and nutrients of the food?

Use an iron kadai/skillet

Aluminium and copper kadais are used for cooking in maximum kitchens. But it will be more beneficial if you use an iron pan for cooking.  Apart from this, you can also use a clay pot. Food made in iron and clay utensils is healthy as well as tasty.