Beyond Wheat Flour: 5 Wholesome Flour Options You Can Try This Season
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Among the many varieties of flours, the most used in Indian households is wheat flour. However, would it not be better if we had some more options? Many other flour options perfectly blend taste and health. Mr Shammi Agarwal, MD of Pansari Group, shares 5 top healthy and yummy flour options that you can use besides wheat.

Ragi Flour

Ragi flour or finger millet is a better option than wheat flour as it has more health benefits. Being gluten-free, it is undoubtedly perfect for daily consumption. It promotes heart health, and it is rich in fibre which keeps the digestive system healthy and significantly contributes to weight loss. In addition, Ragi is rich in minerals and amino acids, making it a perfect flour choice for people with diabetes. It also has more polyphenols than the commonly used grains, which help control blood sugar levels.

Kuttu Flour

Kuttu flour, also known as buckwheat flour, is another healthy option as it is gluten-free. It is loaded with proteins and does not carry many calories, which aids in weight loss. It is rich in fibre and gut-friendly, ensuring an excellent digestive system. Buckwheat is also loaded with magnesium which provides bone strength. The antioxidants present in buckwheat flour are suitable for keeping skin and hair healthy. Not only this, but kuttu flour is also beneficial in maintaining insulin levels, making it ideal for people with diabetes. 

Rice Flour

Rice flour is rich in vitamins, proteins, and nutrients, making it a good substitute for wheat flour. Made from finely milled rice, rich in protein, even this flour is gluten-free. It also has high fibre content, which can lower cholesterol, and blood sugar levels and aid digestion. Rice flour also has choline, which helps transport cholesterol and triglycerides from the liver to the needed parts of the body. 

Moong Dal Flour

Again an excellent gluten-free option, moong dal flour has numerous benefits. Moong dal makes you feel full and improves metabolism, ultimately contributing to weight loss and enhancing the cholecystokinin hormone's functioning. Being rich in potassium and iron helps lower blood pressure and protects against muscle cramping. This flour is rich in fibre and nutrients and has a low glycemic index, which is beneficial for diabetes patients. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help improve blood circulation and digestive health. 

Chana Sattu Flour

This flour is also gluten-free and has numerous benefits. It's rich in fibre and iron, improving bowel movements. In addition, Sattu flour has detoxifying properties and potassium and magnesium, increasing appetite. This flour is also known to reduce bloating and helps in burning calories. Consumption of this flour is specifically good in summers because it keeps the body fresh and hydrated throughout the day.