When the table turns into a plate for a messy meal
Image Credit: Pexels, messy eating

Before you head out to try this stunt, you must exercise extreme caution. It isn't a new study suggested by any scientific research, nor does it assure any health benefits. It's an experiment by an adventurous mother. She chose to serve food to her kids directly on the table, ditching the saucers and bowls. Flabbergasted by her antic, people across the world re-referred to table manners. What followed was a funny mix of responses.

Calling it a 'messy dinner', a mother served steaming hot spaghetti from the pan directly on the table. Quickly, she topped it up with Bolognese sauce and meat. Her family looked quite delighted, relishing the messy meal. The  kids made no fuss over this mess, nor did her husband frown. All of these were recorded in a video. Without any qualms, the mother posted it from her TikTok account named @the3holmboys. Within no time, the video went viral, attracting nearly 15 million views. 

A few netizens seemed impressed by her eccentric serving style and praised her innovative ways. One remarked: "How fun!!! Try it with nachos next time." Quickly, another commented: "It's a fun idea, your kids will remember this when they're older."

She got a supporter, who even confessed doing a similar thing and stated: "I love this. We do this sometimes with fries." She got the patting from another, who said: "No bunch of dishes to wash yayyyyy."

But for a few, she failed to win their hearts. They felt it gross and unhygienic. Missing the plates, one suggested: "Why don't they use something called plates which is much better than messing up the plastic on the table?"

Another vouched for hygiene and opined: "I can't do this. I don't like my food touching or even sharing." The most hilarious response was by one who mocked: "Suddenly, I love having a strict mom." 

But this unconventional mom appeared immune to the haters. And she mentioned in the caption: "Not sure we will do it again, but it was fun."

While the mothers are at the helm of teaching good food habits and table manners, this one broke all the norms. 

What's your take on it? Would you like to try such a messy meal?