Table Manners: Complete Guide To Use Knife, Fork And Spoon
Image Credit: Table Manners

When it comes to cutlery, not everyone is aware of its proper usage. Over the years, the use of forks and spoons has evolved, but that does little to ease people's concern about cutlery. Often, when you eat in a restaurant or hotel, you may observe separate forks and spoons. And when you don't know their usage, you might hesitate to go to your favourite eatery. But, don't worry, as with the help of this article you can learn to use these forks and spoons.

Cutlery sets

First of all, remember that these are not called forks and spoons, but cutlery sets. Are you using cutlery sets for the first time? Second, you must know that they are used differently for eating different dishes. For example, dosa is cut first with a knife, then eaten with a fork and a spoon.

How to hold forks and spoons?

  1. We usually hold forks and spoons with the wrong hand. For example, the knife is held in the left hand and the fork in the right hand in European culture. Moreover, the edge of the knife should be facing your plate. In the same way, keep the fork-spoon from the front. 
  2. To cut a bite of food, hold the food item with a fork and cut with a knife (as much as the bite comes in the mouth). Americans use forks and knives to cut food. After using the knife, please keep it on your plate and put the bite in the mouth with a fork. 

Sweet dish

For sweet dishes, the spoon and fork are placed parallel to each other on the upper part of the plate. The side plate, also called the bread and butter plate is on your left. Along with this, a salad plate is kept.

Liquids are kept on the right

Liquid items are kept on the right side. But picking them up goes with the left hand. As per the dining table manners, you should maintain the same setting done by the host.

Complete your meal

When you have finished eating, place the knife and fork parallel to each other on the plate diagonally. The bottom of both should be on your side.

Follow these tips above and become proficient in table manners.